To Vigan: Part 3

The real adventure started the following morning.
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how far can your 20 pesos go?

If there’s one thing I learned about my trip over the weekend, that would be this: when you’re traveling in Laguna, your 20 bucks can go a long way. You see, I paid a visit to our sister campus last weekend to fulfill the request of a friend. I’ve never been to the Los BaƱos campus, so I went — albeit reluctantly since I cut a class for that. Continue reading how far can your 20 pesos go?

goodbye childhood.

For a long-ish time, I finally managed to squeeze in some time to go back home to the province. After my last class, I hurriedly packed my stuff and rode a bus back home. I was hungry so I ate all the food that I bought. All that food would’ve sustained if it wasn’t for one thing. Oh, no, two things. Continue reading goodbye childhood.