My Life So Far in 518 Words

Word count: 518

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(untitled 002)

The evening was a quiet grave; the silence pierced only by the occasional chirp of a cricket. I strained my eyes in the darkness, trying to find nothing in particular. Questions ran in my head but I brushed them away—they don’t really matter anymore.

I let myself relax into the car seat, feeling its leather on my skin for, hopefully, the last time. With my hands on the wheel, I waited for something that may not come.

Time passed. Minutes?


I didn’t know and I didn’t really care.

Finally, there it was: the light at the end of the line.

I started the engine.

In moments, I will fill this silence with the sound of screeching tires and sirens.


Her attention was caught by something that seemed amazingly familiar. She stopped walking and squinted at the dark of the thick flora about her, oblivious to the noisy group of girls walking behind her in that narrow path. As her eyes adjusted to the light, she saw the faint flicker she was searching for. She smiled. It has been a while.

She had always loved them even back at home. Every night, she would sit by the window and stare outside, anxiously waiting for those little yellow specks. And when they do appear, she feels all light and happy inside. Seeing those tiny lights amidst the blackness of the night warmed her. With them, she felt a tinge of happiness. And ever since she had to move to the city, she had always felt a certain longing for those miniature beacons — those lighthouses that accompanied her every time she was alone.

She saw one. And another one. She was shrouded by those flying stars. It brought back that warm comfort she felt before. She reached out her hand and smiled. It has been a while.