Finally thought of giving this site a re-hash so expect a post or two within the next few days. And maybe some changes, too.

Peace out.


Wooh! It’s just me here doin’ some real quick news flash. ^^7 As we all know, the much-awaited K-On! Movie’s been shown last December 3 all over Japan. And I’m happy to report that it earned 316 million yen in just two days! Nice spankin’ work there! Click on this link for more info! ^^

And also, I’m officially soshified. o_O Yuri-unnie~ :3 Here’s The Boys for you to enjoy. Peace! ^^7

Hora, hora. Successfully finished another show, yey! \o/ Unfortunately, the review’s not here. ^^; Worry not! I made one but like I said, it ain’t here. Do click on this link to read my two cents on AnoHana. Enjoy. ^^7

Finally got around to watch some shows! Hooray! \o/ (The reviews of which are already here.) Oh yes. I know I just posted a chart a few days back but apparently, version 3.0 is already out, so here it is. Hora, hora. I see some new shows have been added. Enjoy! ^^7

‘View image’ to aid your eyes and credits to where it is due: animucharts, of course.

It’s been a while since the last update. Haven’t been watching any shows lately. Am too busy with school. OTL But worry not. I’ve just stocked up some DVDs (hooray DVD sale!) which I’d squeeze in when I’m free. For now, here’s an updated version of the Winter Chart. Take care! ^^7

As always, credits to animucharts for this baby. ^^