To Vigan: Part 1

Yes, I know. Those nachos have nothing to do with Vigan. And it looks like a disgusting, hot mess.

As some of you may probably know, I am a person with poor directional orientation. As such, travelling to other places isn’t really that much of a hobby for me. That and I don’t really have the cash. However, this particular long weekend was an exception. Light and I decided to go on a roadtrip to Vigan.

Why the nachos, you ask? Well, we stopped by Dagupan on the first day and spent the night there. The sole reason for this stop over was to take me to Silantro. Apparently, my existence as a human being is incomplete without my de-virginizing my palate to some Silantro food.

I wanted to take a picture of the sign but it was dark and the sign lights were too bright so all you can see is…white. So never mind. Anyway, Silantro serves good Mexican food at, I should say, fairly medium-high prices. Pardon my vague sense of pricing as I am a bit of a cheapskate.


Anyway, I got this big-ass burger for 150 bucks, I think. To be fair, it was totally worth it. The patty was flame-grilled and was absolute pure meat. You can see the juice oozing out when you cut the thing. The plate at the top of the photo that is seemingly filled with veggies is actually a soft-shelled taco with beef, lamb, and ox-tail meat priced at 110. The nachos were, I think, 160, and were really delicious. The nachos didn’t get soggy despite being soaked in all the juice and sauces. Plus, the grilled chicken gave it a smoky taste. IT WAS REALLY GOOD!


Another good thing about Silantro is that they don’t skimp on the sauces. Upon arriving, they’ll serve this cute thing up front. From the left, it’s guacamole, something that kinda tastes like garlic sauce, and something like mustard but not. Yes, I don’t know my sauces. And I would make an awful food writer.

After having our fill of protein, we went back to our hotel and conked out. Which is why I don’t have photos. …I kid. One, it was actually just an inn. Two, I forgot to take photos because I really don’t take a lot.

We woke up the next morning and got ready to make our way to Vigan. But that is for another post. Yey.


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