To Vigan: Part 2

So we were preparing to set forth. Right.

In order to get to Vigan from Dagupan, we had to go back to Urdaneta and pray to the travel gods that a Vigan bus passes by. At this point, I was close to panicking. One, a bus going to Vigan passed by while we were buying food. Being the paranoid person that I am, I kept on thinking that that was the only bus to Vigan and we were doomed forever. Two, Light’s friend said it was a short trip and HE LIED. In the end, we were in the bus for another 6 hours and got there at around close to 8.

First order of business: lodging. Now this was when all hell broke lose. For some reason, the cosmos decided to make all hotels and inns fully booked. Even the biggest ones. We had to make do with a suite room at La Teofila (I think) lest we had to stay at the nearet 7-11. And mind you, we were set on that as a last resort.


So that was how the room looked like. Pardon the mess. The bed was nice. The room had so much space than it knew what to do with. And the big TV had no remote so we couldn’t use it. The shower heater didn’t work despite my risking my life just to plug it. And the shower drain couldn’t drain to save its life. At twice the price of the place we stayed in in Dagupan, this is awful. We did sleep soundly, nonetheless, since the AC worked properly. Not to mention the fact that we were dead tired.

Prior to the sleeping part and drainahe disappointment, we did go to the town plaza to see some of the sights, we were lucky enough to catch the dancing fountain. It was really pretty.


Although it was too dark to take a proper picture of anything. This was the best I could manage. I also got to taste the famous Ilocano empanada which were available everywhere.


Deep-fried yummy goodness. I can feel my heart dying just by that oil. So, after pigging out to some empanada and getting my glasses semi-wet, we went back to our cozy, if not insufficiently equipped, hotel room and slept.


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