go, go, go, go, go staaat!

Continuing from where I left of on my UPLB trip, yeah, I managed to get off alive and whole by Boston Cafe at which point I gave Sarah a good beating of hugs and…well, hugs. I’m not that mean, you know.

So, what the hell did we do there? Well, she didn’t treat me to some coffee (considering that we were in a cafe) and she’s too stingy to treat me to such expensive stuff (peace, yo, Sarah. Ya know I love you). She did treat me to some siomai lunch. I still love our Authentic Siomai, though. I’m telling you, when you taste Authentic Siomai, all other siomais become inferior. Ha.

Well, the primary reason she wanted me to come was to accompany her to her org’s (short for organization. Y’know how universities have organizations? They’re like your school clubs, only for college.) basketball game. No, she’s not playing — she’s just there to cheer and avoid the impending sermon she was going to get from their Org Master-person. So, I came along.

But before we can get to the venue, we had to ride something, didn’t we? Apparently, they rented a jeepney. A single jeepney for all I-don’t-know-how-many of them. Try as we might, we couldn’t fit everyone (even if I was already having Sarah sit on my lap) so in the end, they had to get another jeep. And off we went.

I don’t really watch basketball games but it was fun. The Stat team’s cheers were so witty they were, without doubt, for the win. They even had me cheering along and cussing at the opposing team since they played so dirty. Seriously. Fouls were bouncing of the walls. But yeah, good thing Stat won for both divisions. In yo’ face, opposing-team-which-I-forgot-the-name.

Of course, any gathering wouldn’t be complete without the usual photo ops.

That snobbish-looking girl in black would be me. Note how out of place I look. Ha.

Kudos to the winning team. I’m happy I didn’t jinx your game. Go, Stat.

(After that, Sarah and I finally got to go home. We arrived back to Batangas at around five. Yeah, I know, it’s late. Blame her. ^_^)


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