discussions 101.

There exists a line of difference between the words ‘lecture’ and ‘discussions’ which students do not seem to know; a very marked distinction which students, apparently, cannot distinguish. Discussions, class, are a lot like love. It’s not easy. It’s not always fun. It screws you up and fucks with you. But you do it anyway. Continue reading discussions 101.


me and my soundproof logic.

Was talking to Lightning via Goodol chat (that’s Google for you) last night and we ended up talking about 50 Shades of Gray, a novel by a certain E.L. James which, fortunately, I have not yet read. And have no plans of ever reading at all. The following conversation has been trimmed for maximum effect. This conversation, by the way, occurred half past midnight uhm, a while ago. Whatever. 12.37 AM. Continue reading me and my soundproof logic.

short stat report.

Hey, guys. It’s me. Yes, I’m still alive. Well, barely, but…yeah. Just dropped a line to let you beautiful people know that I still exist. Although my existence is slowly droppin’ by the minute. My life = hell semester. So there.

As of the moment, I’m waaaay too busy. And SoShi’s the only thing that’s barely keepin’ me alive. Yes, that’s right. I’m officially Soshified. Well, that’s that. Bye-bye~ Keep lounging ’round. 。◕ ‿ ◕。

SoShi fighting!

death the second time around

Apprently, that dang book sale we saw yesterday’s gonna be up for just two days, which means that today was the last day we were ever gonna see their ultra-cheap books. The moment they transfer into the Faculty Center (which is this real dark, badass-in-a-frightening-way labyrinth…er, building in the Uni which houses the…well, the faculty) the books’ prices are going to sky-rocket back to their original prices. Presented with such a situation, you can probably guess what Lightning and I did. Continue reading death the second time around

books ain’t dead.

As Lightning had said, books will be the death of me. I (as well as Lightning and Rune and many other friends I have) am one of those people who cannot resist books. Bookstores are our first stops when we’re in the mall. We lurk around in book sales and bargains are our paradise. So, when we saw one outside our college building, picture us (that would be Lightning and I) running to it like little children chasing an ice cream truck. Continue reading books ain’t dead.

sudoku? no, thanks.

I apologize for not being able to post yesterday since I had to review for an exam. Well, I have been reading the slides since last weekend but yeah, I had to read them one last time without any distractions. Or at least with minor distractions. And I did, so I couldn’t go online. Continue reading sudoku? no, thanks.