The Magnificence of England’s Woman, Warrior and Queen: Elizabeth.

After being mentioned for so many times here in my sister’s blog, I have finally made my appearance!! (throws confetti everywhere). Bear with me as I rant my likes and dislikes about the movie, Elizabeth: The Golden Age.


Due to my unexplained love for the medieval period, (Yeah, I knew the morbidity of this age. But I still can’t help it. They are so, um, majestic?) I suddenly got the urge of watching a medieval-related movie. I went to Youtube, watched various trailers, and crossed paths with this one. I suddenly thought, “This is the one.”

elizabeth-the-golden-age-1I do not know if it was the cause of watching Marie Antoinette, but the first thought that crossed my mind when the scene came up was, “This, (points to the screen) is what a queen should be like.” She was so regal! I felt that if I was requested to stand in her presence, I would have peed my pants. If I was requested to stand in Marie Antoinette’s presence, I would have slapped her and said, “Die, Bitch!”. See the difference?

There are usually lots of things that run in my mind, so I am going to separate the pros and cons from each other. If I won’t do this, well, readers (assuming that there will be people reading this), will get lost. There will be spoilers here, because unlike my sister, I love spoiling other people’s movie experience. (Teehee.)

The Pros:

1. Cate Blanchett.

MV5BMTc1MDI0MDg1NV5BMl5BanBnXkFtZTgwMDM3OTAzMTE@._V1_SY317_CR3,0,214,317_AL_I love her. She was so good in this movie! Besides her regal face, making her perfect for this role, she is also a very good actress. She feels like royalty. We all know the importance of characters in a movie. One could come up with a good plot but if the characters are meh, then the movie will also be meh.

2. The costumes.

e14162image1I really appreciate these kinds of things. I know the difficulty of preparing a production, and this movie clearly spent lots of money in the character’s costumes. It might be a minor thing for others, but it is a very big deal to me. My credits to the production staff. Hihihi.

3. Her.

UntitledShe served as the turning point of the story. Because she was Spain’s chosen queen, her being killed gave Spain enough reason to start a war with England and usurp Elizabeth’s throne. Conflicts are good in movies, aren’t they?

4. The quotes.

Elizabeth in all her regal glory
Elizabeth in all her regal glory

Some statements of Elizabeth really tugged at my heart for it showed how devoted she was to her country. For example:

My God England won't fall while I am its queen!
My God England won’t fall while I am its queen!


I am called the Virgin Queen. Unmarried, I have no master. Childless, I am a mother to my people. I am your queen.
I am called the Virgin Queen. Unmarried, I have no master. Childless, I am a mother to my people. I am your queen.

There was also this lengthy speech before the war that I swear, if I was there, I would really get my weapon and fight for the queen’s sake even though I don’t know what the heck is going on.

5. The “God’s light”.

queen 2There was this scene in the movie wherein an assassin will barge in while the queen is praying and point a gun at her and say different bad things.Then, Elizabeth faced him and he was shaking and there is this “oh my goddess” written all over his face. I can’t blame him though. She was literally glowing. It just proved that God is with her and well, even if it was cliche, there is still that funny feeling inside.

6. The overall plot and production.

It was a good movie. After watching, I was clapping and nodding my head for no apparent reason. The camera angles (especially during the “God’s light” moments) and the way they portrayed the whole story was great. I also loved the transition of the story and how Elizabeth faced all her trials and conquered them, just like how a real queen should.  Even if the production deviated just a little bit from the real history, I still loved it. There are still many pros in the movie, but I think that it is already too long. We should move on. Teehee.

The Cons.

1. The betrayal.

I know that I could not do anything about it, because that was how history happened and Elizabeth is “The Virgin Queen”, but I still can’t help myself. I hated the man for giving my favorite queen false hopes. (I know that he did not give the queen false hopes, but still!!!!!) Elizabeth was very cute after being kissed by this dude in this scene:

After being kissed, she said "I die". Ahh, Isn't it cute?  <3
After being kissed, she said “I die”. Ahh, Isn’t it cute? ❤

and then there was this:

bessFYI, the woman was Queen Elizabeth’s most trusted servant and friend, Bess.

2. The war.

I was so excited for this scene. I saw how much they were preparing, and I know that the war between England and Spain is where the Spaniards suffered a great loss. I was so thrilled while the war was happening, and then BAM! It ended JUST. LIKE. THAT. But don’t get me wrong, the war scene is not that bad, its just that it was not able to fulfill my expectations in the should-be great scene.

Such a cool map. It would reallly help in strategic planning. Why don't we have this anymore?
Such a cool map. It would reallly help in strategic planning. Why don’t we have this anymore?

It also made me laugh a little (you might be thinking that me laughing is good, but in a serious scene like this, I should not really be laughing) because there were lots of soldiers in land, Queen Elizabeth was wearing an armor, but the Spaniards were not even able to get past the naval battle.

3. The post-war scene.

As I have said earlier, the war ended abruptly. So I was expecting that there was a post war scene wherein people are celebrating and saying, “All hail Queen Elizabeth!!”. But there was none. She was just shown standing, and the camera is going all around her (It made me a little bit dizzy). Then that was that. Ending will follow, and the credits will now fill the screen.


 Are you still reading this part? Then that means that you were able to stick with this review until the ending and for that, you all deserve a round of applause. (yihee!!!) Thank you for reading this and hopefully, this is not my last appearance in my sister’s blog. I really, really liked this movie, and I definitely recommend it to you. Watch it okay? Tehee.

Thank you for reading!
Thank you for reading!

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