One, Love…

And it’s a iiSuperwomanii appreciation post.

I’m not much of a YouTube surfer/lurker as my sister is, but when I do, I usually find really good or interesting ones. Hi there, pre-The Voice Christina Grimmie. And one of those interesting treasure troves would be Lilly Singh, known in the YouTube universe as Superwoman.

artist-0-thumb-featureLilly is a Canada-based comedian who makes awesome, awfully-relatable YT videos which have successfully earned her hordes of video-hungry subscribers, fan boys, and fan girls. I recently watched a video of when she went to Mumbai and I noticed how most of her fans were girls. iiSuperwomanii, getting all the fan girls since 2010.

If I remember correctly, she became famous for her video Shit Punjabi Mother’s Say which now has more than 3 million views. From there, it’s just BAM! Awesomesauce.

Well, anyway, I like watching Superwoman videos because they’re really funny. They never fail to make me laugh. She makes videos about every possible topic and she doesn’t mind making fun of herself. And it’s effective. Plus, if you watch her video Draw My Life, you’ll find out that the premise of her making videos is actually very inspiring. It’s nothing for fame and fortune, but more of as a way to pick herself up and to make other people smile. It’s for a really simple yet noble cause.

So fly off to her channel which I’ve linked at the start of this post and check out her videos. Some of my favorites, in no particular order, would be:

1. Types of Teachers at School – I think every student would be able to relate to this one.

2. My Parents Reacting to YouTube Comments – “Don’t you call my stupid, bloody daughter stupid!”

3. My Family Reacting to Flappy Bird – I’ve watched this so many times I can dub this one for you.

4. Types of Fans – What kind of fan would you be?

5. Types of Laughs – This. *thumbs up*


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