HTT in london.

Aaaah. Never fails to make me feel good. After a really long wait (and by really long I meant really long), I finally got to watch the K-On! Movie. I am now a happy camper.

Released three years ago—awfully long time—K-On! The Movie still features our five girls and their band, After School Teatime. Given their impending graduation, Mio, Yui, Ritsu, and Mugi are at their wits’ end thinking of a present for their youngest mate, Azusa. For those unfamiliar to the series, Azusa is the only sophomore in the group. As such, she will be left behind once the other four graduate. Through an…air-headed turn of events, the group ends up with the decision of going on a graduation trip to London. Yes, the London. Land of tea, The Beatles, and rock and roll.

First things first, the girls are still as cute as ever. They never fail to make me feel good. And mind you, I watched this movie while it was storming outside—heavy rains and all—yet it still made me feel light and fluffy. Sadly though, there were only two new songs: the OP (Ichiban Ippai) and the ED (Singing). Although hearing the old songs was very nostalgic, it wouldn’t hurt if they made new ones.  I’d have to say, though, that both the OP and ED were brilliant. “Ichiban Ippai” just has that…aura that makes you feel good once you listen to it. A real feel-good song, you could say. “Singing”, on the other hand, is a really edgy track somewhere in between “Don’t Say Lazy” and “No, Thank You”.

A small mishap. Azusa thinks Yui likes her. Y'know...that way.
A small mishap. Azusa thinks Yui likes her. Y’know, in that kind of way.
Guess no trip to London is ever complete without guard pictures.
Guess no trip to London is ever complete without guard pictures.

Second, if you’re looking for something with convoluted plot twists and heavy drama, then you’re in the wrong movie. I’d say it out right, K-On! is mostly fluff. But it is good fluff. It is the importance of friendship-being with friends kind of fluff. It makes you look into yourself, think of your friends, and try to remember what the last great thing you’ve done for them was. It shows the simplicity, or should I say innocence, of their friendship. Corny, yes, but sweet. It is one of those corny things people tend to take for granted.

Ritsu’s energy to Mio’s introvertedness and fear of revolving stuff, Yui’s air-headedness to Azusa’s level-headedness, and Mugi’s almost motherly affection make up for good, clean comedy as the gang ventures out into the streets of London, encountering a number of obstacles such as language barriers, missing luggages, and almost missing their flight home. The movie’s relatively short, running at an hour and a half—an hour and a half full of misadventures, chockfull of laughs, and cute, cuddly sweetness. Ah. Perfect to perk anyone up on a gloomy day.

As an added bonus, here are Ichiban Ippai and Singing. You’re welcome.


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