Wooh! It’s just me here doin’ some real quick news flash. ^^7 As we all know, the much-awaited K-On! Movie’s been shown last December 3 all over Japan. And I’m happy to report that it earned 316 million yen in just two days! Nice spankin’ work there! Click on this link for more info! ^^

And also, I’m officially soshified. o_O Yuri-unnie~ :3 Here’s The Boys for you to enjoy. Peace! ^^7


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    1. I knoooow~ I hope someone out there subs it and uploads it ASAP. Trolol. XD
      Are you talking about the song in the video? It’s Korean. Ehehe~ But if it’s K-On! songs we’re talking about then, yeah! You jus’ gotta love ’em. \o/

  1. AAAAHHH! I love Girls’ Generation (SNSD)! My favourite song is Run Devil Run and my favourite member is Sooyoung, she’s so pweety! I love Yoona! Yuri is so pretty! Girls’ Generation make ’em feel de heat! Listen to the English version of this song, it’s so good! Check out 2NE1 and 4Minute they’re both really good!

    Ooooh, btw, I need your opinion on something Marvelites X-Men has sort of undergone a face-lift. What do you think of the new look?

    1. Yuri-unnie’s my bias. Trololol~ She’s so awesome. XD And Yulsic forevah! Hahaha. Yeah, I’ve heard the English version. It’s good but I still prefer the Korean. Hehe. They’ve released a Maxi Single in the US, btw. Oh, yes. 2NE1’s a really great group, too. ^^

      Hmm. I don’t know if it’s just me but I think I liked your previous layout better. It’s too…white. XD

      1. Sooyoung is my bias. Jessica is my friend’s bias and Sunny is her sister’s bias! I Who are Yulsic? Are they like Yuri and someone from Super Junior? I like Yuri and Donghae XD!

        About the layout, I think it’s just you! Lol, the white and red colour scheme matches the Marvel logo 😛

    1. Yeah, it’s Yuri and Sica. \(^^)/
      Hahahahaha. Is that so? Poor me. XD That’s true — it does match the Marvel logo. My eyes just can’t stand a white background for long. Teehee~

      1. My top three favourites in SNSD are Sooyoung, Yuri and Tiffany! Sooyoung and Yuri and amazing rappers and dancers, I can’t compare them, I think their equally amazing and the most talented in the group because they can sing really well too. Tiffany has probably got the best vocals and is a great dancer too. I think Hyoyeon is overrated as a dancer, all she can do is Pop & Lock, otherwise her dancing can be quite messy. But I still think she’s a good dancer and rapper, but the best are Sooyoung and Yuri. All together my faves are Sooyoung, Yuri, Tiffany, Jessica, Yoona, Sunny, Taeyeon, Seohyun and Hyoyeon. You?

  2. While reading your comment, I can’t help but think to myself: ‘So this is how she fangirls. XD’ Oh, wait. Are you a she? You are, aren’t you? Hehe. I’m sorry. Trololol~ Anyways, my top biases would be Yuri-unnie and brighter than jewels Fany, Fany, Tiffany! \( *3*)/ Yuri was — and still is — my original bias. Tiffany came in second ’cause her eye smile just…makes my heart melt. Hahahaha. Seriously. You can’t possibly hate her when she eye smiles. XD
    I notice a lot of people like Sooyoung. I like her ’cause she’s very funny. Apart from being the resident shikshin, I think she’s a kkab, too. XD Her imitations are just so funny, I always laugh my head off when I watch them. Hyoyeon’s my least favorite member because she’s scary. XD
    If I had to rank them…er…hmm. I guess Yuri, Tiffany, Jessica (since I ship YulSic. XD), Taeyeon (second shipping: TaeNy. And her vocals are awesome), Yoona, Sooyoung, Sunny, Seohyun then Hyoyeon.

    1. Yes, I am a girl! I don’t really like Hyoyeon that much, she’s looks a bit like a dragon. But she’s funny, but not as funny as Sooyoung. Fany’s eyesmiles are so nice, you just can’t say no to her eyesmiles! Sooyoung is hiliraous! Yesterday, X2 decided that Yuri is her Unnie XD

      1. No offense, man. Chill. XD That’s true. Hyo really scares me. Hahaha. But yes, she is funny although I like Soo’s type of funny more. I love Fany’s eye smiles. ^^ You should watch Sooyoung’s imitations. They’ll knock your head off. XD Try watching Hello Baby — they were all really funny there.
        Hooray, X2! It seems like X2 and I will get along real well. LOL. XD

    1. I will watch this videos, anything with Soo in it makes me laugh! X2 doesn’t listen to much K-Pop, she’s only listened to two SNSD songs! She likes Yuri because she thinks she’s the prettiest XD! But what about me? Yuri is my second favourite (only because Soo is hiliarious!) Don’t we get along XD? My other friend who likes Sica, really doesn’t like Hyo – AT ALL! Who’s your favourite in 2NE1?

      1. I ship SooYuri! Like I said before, Sooyoung is my Unnie because of her humor. But talent wise, I can’t compare them. In most pictures of SNSD, Sooyoung and Yuri sit/stand next to eachother and Tiffany’s with them! Coincidence? Fate?

    1. Maybe you can call them SooYul? (^_^” ) Yey, X2! Yuri jjang! XD Hahahaha. The fact that you’re a SONE already means we get along. Hahaha. \(^_^)/ Poor Hyo, nobody likes her. Hahaha. Though she can be funny at times too. Oh, Bom’s my 2NE1 bias. Hehe~
      I guess that’s because Soo and Yuri are the pranksters of the team. And Fany’s usually their victim. Hahahaha. I ship TaeNy for Fany, though. (^_^ ) TaeNy is love. XD

      1. Hmm, I like the sound of SooYuri more and better photos come up of them + SooYul sounds and looks too similar to SeoYul! I watched Sooyoung impersinations are so funny, she did one of Yoona and sounded exactly like her! Dara is my 2NE1 bias >.<! Though, I love them all 😀

  3. I told you. Sooyoung impersonations are just THE bomb! XD You should hear Yoona’s aegyo. It’s too cute for words. Hahahaha. Dara! I like Dara, too. She’s been famous here in the Philippines even before she joined 2NE1. (^_^ )

    1. Heya! Sorry for the laaaaaate reply! Been majorly busy! I’ve changed my shipping! Sooyoung, Tiffany and Yuri will always be my three favourites. But over the time I’ve noticed that SooFany are so much more closer than TaeNy. If you search up SooFany there are videos where Soo is talking about one of the members but doesn’t mention their name and is like “She calls me husband and I call her wife.” Fany instantly turns around! And in that horror movie challenge that they have Fany comes running out of the forest crying and runs straight to Soo and Tae is RIGHT next to Soo. I think SooFany are really a shipping! XD

  4. It’s okay. I’ve been quite busy as well so I completely understand. LOL.
    Hahaha. Horror Movie Factory, I had so much fun watching that show. But I didn’t notice that part. LOL. Maybe I’ll look at it again. Teehee~ I still ship TaeNy, though. XD There’s a part in I think the show’s SSGB where Fany was talking to her co-host and she was telling him ‘No, you can’t have Taeyeon. Taeyeon’s mine. Taeyeon is my wife.’ And she says that super fast and the guy’s just like ‘…Yes.’. Hahahahaha. TaeNy so cute. XD And really, when they’re together, it’s like they have their own world. LOL.
    Yey for Yuri, Fany and Soo~! \(^_^)/

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