When Marnie Was There

Haven’t seen a Ghibli film in a while so I decided to watch When Marnie Was There. Best to say my emotions were not prepared for this kind of assault. Continue reading When Marnie Was There


the borrowers.

Movie poster for Karigurashi no Arrietty

Check out Studio Ghibli’s latest masterpiece, Karigurashi no Arrietty (well, it’s the latest as far as I know, though I think another one has been released or will be released some time now). Maybe it’s just me and my Ghibli bias but I absolutely love everything they make. They’re beautiful and they’re all hand-drawn, mind you.

Based on the book The Borrowers, Arrietty and her family are, you guessed it, Borrowers — ‘little people’ who live under floorboards while surviving through ‘borrowing’ supplies that humans wouldn’t miss (y’know, sugar, spices, tissue, the likes). They live under the floorboards of Sho, a meek guy with a heart ailment. Yep, he’s the main guy and he’s practically dying.

I don’t want to give anymore details lest I spoil everything for the Ghibli fans out there who haven’t watched the film. Just watch it, okay? It’s simple but moving — quite amazing, actually, considering the fact that it revolved around a real simple conflict. And the drawing’s just…wow. Watch it, watch it, watch it. That’s all I can say.