Fragments of delusion

Here is a poem I wrote for a project in my French class. I have no idea if the French translation is 100% correct but I did the best I can… Basically, it is a product of need and is something that I certainly would not do just for fun.


the rain.
it starts to fall.
like little angels from the heavens.

kissing the earth’s

they wouldn’t hurt
me, would they? the stabbing

winds from the far-off
howling. prowling. the wolf which blew
the house

from outside my window, everything —
they glisten,
with the angel’s kisses.

these kisses.
they cleanse me.

For the French translation:


la pluie.
elle commence tomber.
comme des anges petits de le cieux.

embrassent les freres
de la terre.

ils ne me font pas mal,
c’est ca? les vents

de le lointain
hurlent. rodent. le loup qui a souffle
la maison

de l’exterieur de ma fenetre, tout —
ils luisent,
avec les baisers de les anges.

ces baisers.
ils me nettoient.

There you go. Some of the words here contain accents. However, I cannot insert them. Feel free to tell me that my translations are wrong for they would certainly be of help.

Merci beaucoup.


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