Things that might be of importance

Initial entries were transferred from my Friendster account which I’ve used for I can’t even remember how long. I don’t get to check my account anymore so I decided to put them in here.Β That and the fact that Friendster is obsolete. With that being said, I would like you to please bear with me because I am a newbie. You can tell me if you think this or that is crap but then I would have to bear a grudge on you and visit a mangkukulam.

Oh yes, I forgot that this is about me. You don’t need to know about me. But if you insist well then…

1. I am an anime/manga otaku. If you don’t know what ‘otaku’ means, Google it.Β Update: Also, as of the release of The Boys MV last year, I have officially been morphed into a SONE. Yey! /o/

2. I wear black-framed glasses and almost all of my shirts are black. Just to be clear, I am not emo. I just like the color and how it’s not dirt-prone. That is, I can lean on walls or lie on the grass without fear of having it all dirtied up.

3. I like cats. They’re one of my absolute weaknesses (along with loads of other stuff which I won’t tell lest you use them to bribe me or something). I especially love kittens. If I could take in every kitten I come across on the street, I will. But of course, I can’t. OTL

4. I like to read. From kiddie books lying around to real classic novels, I’m all good. As long as it sustains my interest, I don’t have a problem. I’ve read stuff from Gabriel Garcia Marquez to Haruki Murakami to Anais Nin. Yep, I’ve read Anais Nin. Teehee~

5. I like music. I mean, come on, who doesn’t like music. I usually go for rock — like Paramore and Avril Lavigne. But I can also go to pop or classical music, if I feel like it. I love Debussy like I love The Beatles. I also play the guitar in my spare time and study some anime songs that I like. Ha.

There, ’nuff said. Anyways, welcome to my little world. Enjoy reading. And do leave comments. They’re much, much appreciated. Also, feel free to subscribe or follow or add me to your blogroll if you find me interesting enough. It’s fine, I won’t bite. Also, majority of the images in this blog come from all over the Internet. Creds to you all. Please don’t sue me.P.S. My beloved, self-Painted banner. XD





7 thoughts on “Things that might be of importance”

    1. We all write crap. Haha. So it’s okay. :))))))))))))))))) I don’t know how I found your blog. I just did. Hahahaha. πŸ˜›

    1. Yey! Another Paramore fan! It’s quite sad that the Farros aren’t there anymore. *tear drop* Their music sounds kind of different without them. But still, I love Hayley. Teehee~

      Thanks for dropping by and leaving me a line. πŸ™‚

  1. Lol on the above.

    *I’m not an otaku but i do watch anime. i especially loved Bleach.
    *I wear black-framed glasses too. And I do like the color black but so are other colors like
    apple green, yellow-orange and purple.
    *Unfortunately I don’t like cats. But I don’t hate them either πŸ™‚
    *Reading is my absolute fave thing to do. I read anything that holds my interest.
    *And music… anything na maganda!

    I’m glad to have found your site kababayan πŸ™‚
    *And music…i listen to anything basta maganda!

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