Hiatus Report

Greetings, gentle viewers.

Okay, I think that first line is a give away as to why I’ve been away. I have been into too many trash bins. For the past months, I’ve been binge-watching shows recommended to me by people, which is why I’ve been gone. I’m not really that much of a TV show person, so. They ain’t that many but they really took time. Here’s a list.


1. Carmilla. I’m Carmilla trash, not even gonna lie. I ship Hollstein like my life depends on it. I follow the leads’ activities/projects. I have a Twitter list of everyone involved in the show. I freaking downloaded Snapchat and Instagram (although I don’t post Snaps nor take pictures) just for the bts content. I’m so obsessed with this show, it’s gross. But I love it.


2. The 100. Recommended by a friend, mainly because she wanted someone to suffer with her. This show played with my emotions too much. I literally could not watch everything in one go; I needed to take emotional breaks. My heart. Also, Clexa.


3. Wentworth. Okay, this one I watched out of curiosity. It’s a prison drama, much like OITNB, but less on the romance and relationship factor, and more on the prison side of things. Everyone has a thick Australian accent, which I am admittedly not used to. The story is brilliant, and Bea Smith? Jesus frick frackin’ Christ, hands down.


4. Orphan Black. Watched upon persuasion by a Tumblr mate. I have never been so happy to be persuaded. Brilliant concept, engaging story line, and Tatiana Maslany is just magical. I mean, really, playing 10+ clones? She’s so good at her clone game I actually forget that they’re all Tatiana.

That’s it. I’m currently watching Agent Carter since a lot of people said it’s really good. I will think about writing a short review about all the above shows. We’ll see.  Also, I’m on  Tumblr on a different handle. Find me.


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A shy and quiet person who loves anime, books and Japanese food.

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