Roll the Dice: Crimson Shroud

I’ve never played tabletop games before (be it in real life or otherwise), so I had no idea what to expect with this game. To be honest, I downloaded this game for the sole reason that it is a Level-5 production. But apparently, I wouldn’t be disappointed.

Crimson Shroud is an eShop exclusive game that’s based off a tabletop game of the same name. You control a party of 3 characters going through a dungeon in their search for the Crimson Shroud. If you can’t play the actual tabletop, I guess this can be your next (or better) option. Plus, it comes with a story, so that’s really cool.

The game is more of a visual novel RPG than an adventure RPG. The gameplay is peppered with texts and you only have one dungeon. So if you’re looking for a game with a really big, sprawling map and tons of adventuring, then you’ve come to the wrong place. What Shroud does offer is an engaging story (albeit very short) and an innovative take on the usual turn-based combat.

shroud2Although, yes, you still have to wait in line and wait for your turn, you have the chance to turn the tide in your favor using a bunch of colored, misshapen dice! It is a tabletop after all, so dice are essential. And with my crappy luck, this helps me like, 3 times out of 10. This actually makes the game more enjoyable for me since I feel really ecstatic when a dice roll actually helps me rather than plunging me to my death.

In true tabletop fashion, your characters in the game don’t level up. Your only chance for survival is equipping better equipment. So you grind not to level up but to hope that the next monster you kill drops a real badass weapon/armor/accessory. This dynamic might be a bit repetitive but it definitely offers a challenge.

crimsonshroudThe game is really short but it is engaging. You can play it twice to get an alternate ending and I have spent around 16+ hours grinding and re-playing and all that. Despite the brevity, it doesn’t skimp on the art for the cut scenes though. They’re nothing mind-blowing but I thought they were artfully made.

Crimson-Shroud-ArtVerdict: get this game. Good ol’ RPG with a spin. Plus, it’s Level-5. You can never go wrong with Level-5. It can get a bit addictive, I can tell you that. Go forth and roll your dice to victory.



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