Hey, It’s Grace!

Grace me with your presence! *wink, wink* And yes, you’re a charming idiot.

First, I’d like to congratulate myself since my YouTube watch list is expanding. I started with just watching iisuperwomanii but now I have all mah YouTube baes. Well, they ain’t really that many but they are EXPANDING!

Moving on. So, Grace Helbig. I only discovered her by the end of last year through iisuperwomanii’s Bollywood video. I looked her up and found out she was hella funny. The first Helbig video I watched was this:

Personally, what I like about Grace’s video persona is how she spaces out all the time. And how she says the most non-sensical things. And her passive-aggressiveness. I mean, look at her adorable air-headedness! Ain’t it cute?! Though sometimes it makes me question if she’s really like this in real life.

And I like how absolutely stoked she was about her book that she always goes out of her way to not-so-subtly plug her books in her videos. Yes, Grace. We are proud of your book, too.


Grace Helbig is also on Tumblr and all them other social networks so check her out!

P.S. I am currently on a hunt for a copy of her book. +_+


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A shy and quiet person who loves anime, books and Japanese food.

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