Choose Your Path: Fantasy Life

I love Level-5. As such, I could not–for the life of me–let this game off my radar. It took quite a chunk off my wallet but it was worth it. This little gem of a game was worth it.

As I’ve mentioned before, I am 60+ hours into this game and I am not yet done. Of course, a lot of gamers would scoff at this play time given how some can spend 200++ hours in one game. But I repeat: I am not yet done and I will get back to it. I promise. The point is, Fantasy Life is that kind of game. It’s that kind of game where you can spend hours and hours and hours and you’d still have lots to do. The easiest way to describe this game would be “It’s like Rune Factory but not”. It’s really easy to get into and it has a whole lot of things to offer.

Story-wise, there’s really not much. If you decide to follow all the hints, you can finish the story in a few hours. Basically, you help this Celestial named Yulia/Yuelia to prevent the sky from falling. Like, literally. So you go around Reveria (the country) looking for wishes, going on quests, and helping a lot of people–all while doing a whole bunch of other quests and monster-slaying for your own, you know, self-improvement.

This is Yuelia. She is very white.
This is Yuelia. She is very white.

Personally, the first hurdle I experienced playing this game is the character creator screen. I’ve always had trouble with these things since I’m so indecisive. You need to choose everything from the hair, the color of the hair, height, weight, skin color, if you want a mole, cat ears, every single f*cking thing. And then finally, I had to choose my Life.

The 12 job classes you get in-game.
The 12 job classes you get in-game.

I think the biggest selling point of this game is the ability to choose from 12 job classes — or Life, as they call it in the game. I was too overwhelmed by the choices that I stupidly chose being a Carpenter, totally not taking into consideration that gathering jobs would be a better starter. After realizing this mistake, stupid me promptly switched to the Woodcutter class which I immensely enjoyed.

The good thing about these 12 Lives is that you can switch between them anytime you want AND you get to keep the skills you’ve learned from a previous Life. So, let’s say I’m a Woodcutter now and I choose to be a Tailor later, I can still cut trees even if my current life is a Tailor. In this aspect, it’s pretty realistic. It’s not like I suddenly become stupid and forget all the skills I’ve learned just because I changed job classes. Some of the skill sets you acquire will also be helpful for other Lives. Like how having the Blacksmith skill set helps you create weapons for, say, a Paladin Life. Not only does this help your hone your Blacksmith skills, it also helps you save a whole lot of money. It’s quite practical.

Going up through the job ranks can be quite tedious, especially if you’re aiming for the Creator rank which is the highest of them all. The highest I’ve gone is the Hero rank and I already feel so fulfilled. My standards ain’t that high.


Game visuals are really cute and colorful, which matches the whimsical quality of the game. I mean in terms of the story, this is no Final Fantasy, that’s for sure. Nonetheless, it doesn’t make the game any less lovable. Couple this with witty dialogues and you’re good to go.


I found a lot of people complaining about how wordy the game is but I didn’t really find it that text heavy. I guess my penchant for playing visual novels (and my love of reading) has trained me for this. Some of the NPC dialogues are actually quite funny so I think it adds to the overall charm of the game.

Fantasy Life’s DLC, Origin Island, is also well worth the eShop credits. Not only does it add extra hours of playtime, it brings ton of new stuff to create and new quests to do. Definitely worth the $8 or so. Plus, it’s a really funny story arc. Short, yes, but funny.

Do I have any complaints about this game at all? Well, no. Not really. It’s a really fun game well worth your money. You have so many paths to choose from that it’s easy to get side-tracked. Some would compare the game to Animal Crossing, but really. I think Fantasy Life is uniquely its own.


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