Welcome, 2015!

Alright! So another new year requires the obligatory New Year’s post! Well, no. It’s not really obligatory or anything. I just wanted to use the word “obligatory”. I could’ve opted not to… Anyway. Moving on.

So! It’s been a week since New Year and, well, I don’t know. There isn’t really anything new, apart from the year which I keep messing up whenever I write it down. What do you actually do with these New Year post things? Resolutions? I know I won’t do them so I guess that would be a monumental waste of both our times. Anything new? Well, again, not much. Just that:

1. I discovered Grace Helbig (thanks to my YouTube surfing sister). And;

2. I got myself a copy of Tales of the Abyss and am discovering that beauty that is the JRPG.

Apart from that…zilch. I guess I can tell you about what I did during the holidays. Well, I’ve been really productive. Here’s a list of my holiday achievements:

1. Legend of Korra marathon: Yes, I’m jumping into the bandwagon pretty late and for a very petty reason: the ending. Yessiree. That controversial ending everyone was fussing about. It was worth it. Bryan Konietzko and Michael DiMartino, take all my feelings. Korrasami forever.

2. Spent 60+ hours playing Fantasy Life: I bought a 20$ eShop card in preparation for the holidays so I got the Fantasy Life DLC while I was at it. Played this game for a solid month and I’m still not done. I’ll get back to it when I finish ToTA. (Note to self: Make a review soon.)

3. Finally watched Zankyou no Terror: Now this show has been on my watch list for the longest time. I finally got to watch it (which also means I can delete my downloaded copy in my work PC. Keh.) and…I don’t know. It was sad.

4. Watched lots of movies: Since I was never really a movie buff and I’ve been trying to catch up on movies, I thought of using the break to watch some! My sister was very adamant on making me watch Despicable Me 2, so I did. We also watched Maleficent and Her and Gravity and a whole lot of other things.

There you go. Spending the holidays in true hikikomori fashion. On a different note, here is a photo of me and my sister that she took during break:


Yep. I make it a point to look stupid in pictures. It doesn’t really take that much effort.

Credits to overdoor for the beautiful image I used for the header.


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