Lauren Lewis Appreciation Post

Apologies for the rather late update. Life, job, and, yes, Lost Girl happened.

If you’ve always wanted your mythical creatures under one roof, then this is the roof you should be under. Lost Girl is famous for Anna Silk, who plays Bo, a succubus who has her shit cut out for her. Sure, I like Anna Silk. I was astounded by the fact that she’s already 40 and yet she still looks so freaking hot. I was even more amazed by how she managed to stay her hot and sexy self despite the fact that she got pregnant while filming Season 4. It’s like she just overate–only her stomach gets big. However, it wasn’t Bo who caught my attention. It would be, drumroll please…


Lauren Lewis.

Yep, the human doctor. Why, you might ask, did I choose the human doctor in a show chockfull of supernatural people? Well, she was adorable/hot/sexy/geeky/awkward. I love how she is such a nerd whether she’s inside or outside her lab, and her awkward little quirks when it comes to social interactions.

And so, I do not understand why Zoie Palmer’s character gets a lot of hate. Well, maybe not a lot. But still. She gets hate. I don’t get it. While watching the show, I felt like there were times Lauren was being taken for granted. Despite the fact that the people around her are hurting her in some way, she would always come back. And they knew that. And they exploited it. Of course, one might think that this is because of her agreement with the Ash, but I really don’t think so. To Lauren, Bo and Dyson and everyone else were family; she didn’t come back because of some dog-collar duty.

I’m not even going to start on the part where Bo said Lauren broke her heart. Yes, this is true, but still. Lauren had her reasons.

And, really. How can you hate Lauren when she virtually is the most powerful character in the series? She has genius-level knowledge in both the Fey and human world. She can turn humans to Fey by Season 3 and then turn Fey to humans (cough*Morrigan*cough) by Season 4. Sure, she has no combat abilities, but how many times has she saved everyone’s supernatural asses in the show? You guys should be more grateful.

Sometimes, I think the reason why some viewers hate/don’t like Lauren is the fact that she is human. In a sea of powerful creatures, she seems weak–she can’t Succukiss, she doesn’t have Dyson’s shifting or Kale’s siren powers. She’s normal and she is weak. In a sense, she is that one constant reminder that we can never be supernatural.

However, this is precisely the fact that I love Lauren Lewis. She has survived in a world where she (technically) does not belong. Sure, she went into hiding, but she came back. She came back, made a decision, and stood by it. She gets hurt by the people she loves, but she doesn’t back down. She loves unconditionally, and never forgets her family. Lauren Lewis’ humanity is her greatest power. She represents the boundlessness of human potential. And just like how Sora’s (that is No Game No Life for you) famous words, I believe in human potential.


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