A Dream Come True

Last week, I visited the RareJob office in Quezon City…and was completely smitten.

Just so you know, RareJob is one of those companies that offer English lessons to Japanese students over chat or video chat. They’ve taken quite a hold in the country especially since being a RareJob tutor is a very, very flexible job.

So I went to their office as a part of my job hunting escapade, and, well, lo and behold. I was smitten by how they imbibe the Japanese culture in their company. To be specific: changing into slippers before entering the office.

BotBpHtIgAAFgIKHere is a photo of my feet, clad in fuzzy blue slippers with “VISITOR” in big letters. Normally, I would’ve been insulted because, yes, I know I’m a visitor. No need to rub it on my face. But for this particular instance? I cannot, for a variety of reasons:

1. The guard was really nice.

2. The RareJob people were really nice.


3. The most important reason: the shelves lining up the wall just outside the entrance where you need to take off your shoes, and change into these wonderful, wonderful slippers. For an anime fan such as myself, this is a dream come true.

happy-epic-win-lA dream come true~


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A shy and quiet person who loves anime, books and Japanese food.

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