I Swoon…

…at Sana Takeda’s rendition of X-23. Continue at your own risk.

tumblr_ms6370ureq1rpwwe9o1_500I cannot comprehend all this beauty. Seriously. I feel like arcs drawn by Sana Takeda are the ones I read the longest because I’d just stare at the page for, like, 5 minutes because the drawing is just so mind-blowingly beautiful.

3862386I mean, look at this. Hi there, Jubilee. You are looking particularly bad-ass as a vampire.

prv8672_pg5And really, can Remy LeBeau get any hotter.

Saw some fan in Tumblr saying how he/she thought that Takeda’s version of X-23 strips her of her bad-assery and makes her look like some lost girl. Well, she is a lost girl. She is trying to find herself and build a life of her own. And just because you’re bad-ass, it doesn’t mean you can’t be a beauty. Seriously, dude. Just appreciate the aesthetics.

So here are some more panels for your enjoyment.

prv8822_pg5x2376x2311_12Check out Sana Takeda’s gallery and drool over her wonderful, wonderful art.


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