And so it has come to this

Shane McCutcheon vs. Eva 'Papi" Torres.
Shane McCutcheon vs. Eva ‘Papi” Torres.

The two greatest solar systems in Alice’s chart finally clashed.

The fourth season of TLW starts out with a lot of bang: the Shane-Carmen spoiler, Helena Peabody suddenly stripped of all her wealth, and finally, the mysterious new character who goes by the name of ‘Papi’.

Apparently, Papi beat Shane’s almost-one-thousand-casualties solar system with a more-than-one-thousand body count. How Alice didn’t notice this humungous solar system, I do not know. Well, she did–after Papi crashed the Chart’s servers. And so Alice goes off and searches for Papi’s true identity, and ends up as a star in Papi’s chart.

This pretty much sums up how I feel about Papi. (cr. to lwordconfessions)

So what makes Papi special? Quite honeslty, I do not know. She was portrayed as some sort of Don Juan who lovesĀ  everything about women and has the gall to sleep with a different girl right after sleeping with somebody else. And she has this set of rules like “Papi doesn’t make breakfast” and stuff like that. In short, Papi is the epitome of the player, and she is perfectly aware that she is one.

Looking at this “competition”, Shane is a bit short-handed. I mean really. She’s a peasant compared to Papi who has this big-ass restaurant, fancy-ass limo, and, I assume, loads of cash. Not only is Papi a player, she might as well be a pimp.

lHowever, I think the fact that Shane only has her awesome self as a bargaining chip makes her…well, the greater solar system. She doesn’t need all those fancy-schmancy stuff to pick up girls. From what I have observed, all she has to do is look at you, and you will come to her and grovel at her feet. She’s been using this technique to get to her 900+ hits, and I think that is way better than Papi’s. Of course, I may be biased, but, hey. To each his own.

930823475a5969694892lSo who’s it gonna be?


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