K, Thanks, Bye

This was such a disappointment. I can’t even.

From the outset, this show is going straight to the 17th circle of Buzzfeed Hell. Even more painful is the fact that I was so up for watching this show and then it made absolutely no sense. Well, it did. A bit. But still, it was such a letdown. No, I am not being stupid because I understood what was going on. It’s just that everything was so half-baked I feel like I would’ve been better off watching sunsets.

Set in some timeline where there exists seven color Kings in Japan, K starts off with Isana Yashiro being chased off by members of HOMRA, the Red faction, for some crime he doesn’t remember committing. Shiro is then saved by Yatogami Kuroh, the vassal of the late Colorless King, who also (apparently) wants to kill him. However, after some conscience-nagging, Shiro managed to postpone his “execution” and ends up with Kuroh being his sort of bodyguard.

589204-k___02___large_07The relationship between these two has a very No. 6 feel to it. Actually, I feel like the whole show was made for all yaoi fan girls and for future yaoi doujinshi and other possible references. For starters, there are, like, three important female characters in contrast to 16954346879832134 male characters. Go figure.

If there’s one thing I like about this show, that would be the visuals. I love how the characters are drawn–although Kuroh looks suspiciously like Kanda from D.Gray-Man. The colors are so vibrant, which is just as well since the feud between the various chromatic factions are the main point of the story.

HOMRA, the Red clan, with the Red King Mikoto Suoh at the center.
HOMRA, the Red clan, with the Red King Mikoto Suoh at the center.
SCEPTER 4, the Blue clan, with their King, Munakata Reisi.
SCEPTER 4, the Blue clan, with their King, Munakata Reisi.

Plus, the background music is so funky, it reminds me of the BGM in The World Ends With You. Perfectly suitable for the urban/gangster setting.

And finally, there is Neko, who I like for the simple reason that she is a cat. A very powerful cat.

I wonder who’d win between Neko and Black Hanekawa…

So there. I think K was hyped too much that led to its eventual downfall. Well, this is a common problem for manga that were made into anime too early. If there’s going to be a second season, I hope it manages to redeem itself.




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