The Turnabout’s Return: Phoenix Wright Dual Destinies

Here, Phoenix. Go and take all my money.

Finally. Another game off my growing backlog list. As an Ace Attorney fan, I just had to play this game despite the fact that it’s only available via digital download. Heaven forbid. The eShop is the bane of my existence given how expensive eCards are. But for the love of all things Ace Attorney, I (not so) willingly burned cash for you, Phoenix.

Good thing you were worth my moolah.

So the fifth installment to the Ace Attorney series pits Phoenix and Apollo together, plus Phoenix’ brand spankin’ new assistant, Athena Cykes. Don’t get me wrong. I miss Maya Fey. But Athena is just too cool to miss. Using high-tech gear and psychology in the courtroom, Athena brings in a new flavor in the mix. Plus, she’s a key figure in the story. Apart from Edgy-poo, I think Athena’s one of the most conflicted characters in the franchise. She had some really deep shiznits going on.

Athena Cykes--giving new meaning to side-swept bangs.
Athena Cykes–giving new meaning to side-swept bangs.

Speaking of Edgeworth, the game introduces a new prosecutor: Prosecutor Simon Blackquill. This hawk-petting, samurai-totting dude who spouts prison proverbs and wears Black Jack’s hairstyle, is a convict. Yep, with shackles and all. And yet he prosecutes. So given his penchant to slash you to bits, every trial is a struggle for survival–both for your client and you. But despite that, Blackquill is awesome and might as well rival Edgeworth in the coolness/smugness/bad boy-ness department.

Prosecutor Blackquill in all his monochrome glory.
Prosecutor Blackquill in all his monochrome glory.

Gameplay-wise, it’s still pretty much the same formula. You do have Athena’s technologically-savvy technique where you read the emotions in a person’s testimony. Personally, I really liked that aspect of the game and I was looking forward to it every time. Like “When do I get to probe into their emotions again?!” kind of looking forward. You still get to use Phoenix’ Magatama and Apollo’s Perceive technique at some points in the game. Really, it’s basically a hodge-podge of every character’s ability, it’s crazy.

It’s an added plus that finally, finally, I get to see the Ace Attorney gang in 3D. I mean, I know it’s not much but the graphic details themselves are already so good compared to the earlier games. Plus, the anime cut scenes are just so cool.

Emotional probing at its best.
Emotional probing at its best.
Good ol' Phoenix Wright.
Good ol’ Phoenix Wright.

All in all, it was a worthy addition to the franchise–worth the $30 eShop price tag. Well, $35 if you’re going to get the DLC post-game. Get it! I say. It’s another bonus case. It’s a pretty long case and you have the chance to see Phoenix get embarrassed.


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