understanding lisa

Will wonders never cease. As I’ve mentioned in a previous post, an episode of TLW introduced me to a brand-spankin’ new concept: the lesbian identified male. Following are my 0.02 on it.

So the bomb was dropped during the episode where Alice sees this really cute guy. Turns out this guy was friends with Shane (Moennig) and they had this talk about him being a lesbian identified male.

I was perplexed. One, the guy’s name was Lisa. Two, I have never heard the term in my 21 years of existence.

So this is Lisa. And that is Alice, swooning over him/her.
So this is Lisa. And that is Alice, swooning over him/her.

I started to panic for back up.

According to Google the Omniscient, a lesbian identified male is a guy who envies the privileges that women have (like giving birth, for instance). As such, he has always fantasized about being a woman. However–well, there are two howevers.

1. Even if the lesbian identified male desire to be a female, he does not want any kind of involvement with the male populace. As such, if he were a woman, he would be dating girls, making him a lesbian.

2. The lesbian identified male is fine with his male body. Unlike your male-to-female transsexuals, lesbian identified males are usually satisfied with their anatomy.

Lisa freaking out after...y'know.
Lisa freaking out after…y’know.

Of course, even some of the characters in the show raised their eyebrows on this. Really, how is this possible? It defies all lesbian “rules” in existence. The common notion of a lesbian relationship is that, in general, no penises involved. Although Lisa is lesbian identified, he still has a pecker. The complicated repercussions of this situation becomes apparent when Alice decides to take on Lisa’s thing rather than using an artificial one, which Lisa seemingly prefers. At the end of the night, Lisa sort of breaks down in confusion and walks out on Alice.

The case of the lesbian identified male is a really complicated one since not only does it defy lesbian relationship dynamics, it also affects heterosexual relationship norms in a very roundabout kind of way. However, it also shows how the fluidity of sexuality not only applies to females, but to males as well.

I’ve never heard of a lesbian identified male in the Philippines and I don’t know if there’s even one of them here alive but as it is, the lesbian identified male is like a gray area within a gray area. Sexuality in general is already a very complicated matter. And the lesbian identified male takes it up a notch. Plus, the fact that it is not a common occurrence in the country hinders my understanding of it even more.

P.S. I am fully aware that there are a lot of seemingly faulty statements made here but having to explain them all would make this post extremely long. The subject touches a lot of aspects of sexuality, gender, relationships, and all that…and, yeah. It’s complicated.


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