So… I’m Back From the Dead.

It has been a long hiatus, you probably thought I’d died or something. Fortunately, I am still alive. It’s been months since I last posted and a lot has happened. I graduated from college, went back home, and found myself some sleep-depriving work.

Apparently, I couldn’t take myself away from the academe just yet—I went back to my alma mater to torture, I mean, teach kiddos. Or “teach”, since I’m not exactly an Education graduate. Back then, it felt weird with June fast approaching and I was doing nothing. I felt like I had to do something, so I took the offered teaching post. So far, it’s been good. Pay’s not exactly that high considering the re-studying we (I) have to do plus the attitude these kiddos come with. But being around young people is kind of refreshing, if not frustrating at times since they seem to rub in the fact that i am old.

I miss a lot of stuff from the city, though. The food (Burger King BBQ sauce! MILK TEA!), my college life. Most especially Light. I miss Light. I’ll be back, don’t worry.

So what else is new? We finally have a stable (so far) Internet connection, which I am using to write this post. Ha! Also, I got myself a Nintendo 3DS unit courtesy of my gamer high school teacher (which I am still paying for), so I may be able to squeeze in some game post now and then. Hopefully I’d be able to revive my anime life and drop in posts from time to time. Most probably, I’d also use this as a ranting space for all my kiddo frustrations. *evil laugh*

I’m thinking if I should change the blog’s theme, considering it’s sort of a new start. Oh well, maybe when I am not too lazy.

That’s it and peace out.


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A shy and quiet person who loves anime, books and Japanese food.

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