Hey, guys! Just droppin’ a line or two for y’all. If you’ve got nothin’ better to do or nothin’ better to read, you might want to check out this blog. Do you know X1 from marvelitesxmen? Well, if you don’t better check ’em out. You can find the blog link on my blog roll. Anyhow, yes. X1 has put up a blog of her own which focuses mostly on kpop. It’s real new so it’s a bit empty as of now but do visit it and leave comments. I’m sure she’ll be happy. Visit her blog here! And Imma put up the link on my roll, too. It’s called The Midori Yuzu.

ALSO! You guys know I’m watching Guilty Crown, right? Should I finish this one or not? Because right now, I’m really getting annoyed with Shu. As in REALLY annoyed. Does this show have some sort of redeeming quality at the end? Or will it be a complete waste of my time and patience? Your thoughts! ^^


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4 thoughts on “‘sup!”

  1. Depends.. how far along Guilty Crown are you? ^^

    It never really got back up, so to speak, after Oh-Mah-Shoe goes all evil dictator (which is I’m guessing the point where you’re at) and everything becomes either so random or so cliche’.

    it does have “some” closure by the end, but yeah…

    1. I’m at episode 11, I think. The point where whatsisname, Keido re-activated the crystal. And Ouma’s getting all wussy about his powers. I was already annoyed with him from episode 1 but right now, he’s reeeeaaaaaally getting into my nerves.

      I am curious with what Inori has to hide but god, if Ouma continues to be like this, I… I just don’t know. OTL

      1. lol, earlier episode than I thought ^^

        Well, the big Inori mystery really was something I didn’t expect, so I guess that’s a plus to look forward to. I guess it’s safe to say go through a couple more episodes for that, and I guess make your judgement there 😀

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