And so, another incident is added to the roster of weird dormitory happenings.

Remember that time when Exodus (aka my amp) just went on buzzing on his own in the middle of God-knows-what-time while my roommate and I were asleep? No? Well, give it another read here. Well, yeah, there’s a new addition to the family and this time, it involves water. Yep, water. As in the one made up of two hydrogen and an oxygen molecule.

I was sleeping my merry sleep, wrapped in the warmth of my bed sheet-turned-blanket (I forgot to take another set of blankets from home, okay?) when I was awoken by a roommate-induced commotion. Plus the sound of water. And it’s not just drip, drip but slosh, slosh. I took the blanket off my face, wore my glasses and discovered that our room has turned into some form of indoor lake.  It was 6.30 in the morning, for chrissake. We were the only ones making such noise on our floor.

I didn’t really process the situation right away so I still had to go:

Me: [all groggy and half-awake, with a hint of drool on my cheek] What’s happening?

Roomie: Uhm. We’re flooded. [sloshes the water with her feet, like a kid playing on a puddle]

End of conversation. She proceeded to take her things out of the room (which were sopping wet) while I got up and found some weapons: all the available mops, buckets and rags on our floor. I figured it’d be easier to just scoop up the water so I took the dust pan too. In all my bed hair, not-even-done-my-morning-pee, just-roused-from-sleep glory, I wielded the banana-colored dust pan and scooped out the Pacific Ocean.

I’m thankful none of my things were wet but holy crap, it took us an hour to remove all that water. I gathered two buckets while my roommate got like, one and a half. We had to leave our door open for a while to let the floor dry, exposing our cellar to curious passers-by and the occasional cat.


Me while scooping water with a dust pan:

“The sound this is making… You know how the sound water makes when it hits the shore? It’s like that, no?”


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