the epic has ended.

After a number of grueling months, Fate/Zero has finally reached its conclusion. We thank you, Saber and Co., for the wonderful ride.

Preceding the events that happened in Fate/Stay Night, Fate/Zero shows us the Holy Grail War of the Kiritsugu-Kirei era. With a new set of characters and a new production team, Fate/Zero proved to be quite the formidable candidate for its season — formidable enough to say that it might easily be the best show in its season.

Now handled by ufotable, the series was divided into two seasons, the latter part of which began sometime around April this year. Kudos to ufotable for their beautiful work on the animation. It’s seriously a great improvement from the shortcomings of FSN. Combat scenes are very fluid and well executed, although there is one episode where the drawings kind of messed up. That is easily forgivable, though.

Creeper Caster is creepy.
Such a darn shame that Lancelot never reaches the Grail Finals.

Plot-wise, the desire for the Grail runs way lot deeper than in FSN. Perhaps the fact that the competitors for this war are adults with their already well-formed ideals (be it good or bad) is an important factor. As such, their emotional involvement for the quest is more prominent. Kirei with his cold and calculating disturbed mind, Kiritsugu with his pent up regret and desire for peace, Saber who is still in her learning process, plus all the other characters and their unique personalities definitely made this series a lot more complex.

The Servants possessed more depth and emotions making it easy for one to either love them or hate them or both, even. Fate/Zero portrayed them in such a way that they are not mere pawns for destruction but were once living, feeling human beings as well.

Guess who this dude is. -ke-

No spoilers for the ending but I’d have to say that it took my words away. It was not explosive yet it is not simple. The image of Kiritsugu scouring through the rubble was poignant; one feels his disbelief and desire for atonement in that single scene. Although a large part of Fate/Zero made a resounding bang, it’s end was like the calm after the storm or the stillness after a war. Fate/Zero ended not with a bang, but with a whimper. And with that whimper, we shed a tear.

A toast for a job well done.

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