not that much of a mystery, really.

“Shinjurou, I can’t hold it in anymore”
Yeah, me too.

Picking something at random from the numerous mystery/detective anime that cropped up these past seasons proved to be my downfall. The show could’ve been more promising but meh, it just continued to disappoint.

I’m talking about UN-GO.

Seriously, UN-GO made me feel cheated. It’s like paying for something then not getting your money’s worth. Although the show seemed to possess a lot of potential, it only remained just that — untapped potential. The “mysteries” were totally predicatable; and I’m telling you I’m not the type who likes predicting stuff. It simply means that the flow of the story was just so blatantly obvious that I didn’t have to think much. It could’ve been a wee bit better if the cases were more flavorful but it was just all murders. And the murder methods aren’t even that creative.

The series kind of picked up with the appearance of Bettenou — a creature who has the ability to turn one’s words into reality. That being said, it simply means that when placed in the wrong hands, a lot of shit may happen. And UN-GO does just that. Bettenou is acquired first by a frustrated novelist, then second, by a jealous wuss. If you’re looking for action, then proceed directly to the last episode as it’s the only part that contains some nitty-gritty, which was also very short-lived.

Inga could’ve been an amazing character if her power was used in more…severe situations. Although I do not doubt Shinjurou’s deductive prowess, his method for solving cases involves (at least, for the most part) using Inga’s power to induce a severe guilt-trip on the part of the suspect. If this does not work, then woe me. Plus, I’ve seen those butterflies in D. Gray-man before, Inga. Tsk, tsk.

I’m kind of neutral with the drawing style. It was beautiful for the most part of the show but then I’m not particularly fond of how Shinjurou looked like so, yes, it’s mainly his fault. I did like Kazemamori, though. She’s cool and cute. She can hack through almost anything and transfer herself to most electrical thingamajigs. She’s probably the character I liked most in the show and she’s not even human.

I wouldn’t tell you to avoid this show like the plague but I wouldn’t be recommending this one strongly either. I guess you can watch it if a.) you need some really quick detective/mystery fix, b.) you’re waiting for the next (last?) episode of Fate/Zero, c.) you intend to watch every Studio BONES show on earth. Then again, there’s also the “I’m just so freakin’ bored I’d watch whatever” option. Your choice.


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2 thoughts on “not that much of a mystery, really.”

  1. I kept wanting Un-Go to get better (since I rather liked the art style), but I really didn’t care about any of the characters. To be honest that computer character was also the only one I was remotely interested in. XP The mysteries were also unveiled and wrapped up way too quickly for any of it to really mean anything to me.
    For me the best mystery from last year was definitely Gosick–I really loved the characters in that one, and the mysteries generally took at least three or so episodes for everyone to work out.

    1. lol. Yeah, I had the same thing in mind. I watched it ’till the end hoping the show would redeem itself but to no avail. That’s true. The mysteries were all so fleeting so they don’t really register that much.
      I have yet to see Gosick but I am planning to one of these days since I’ve seen a lot of positive reactions to it.

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