now for some music.

I should’ve done this a long time ago but I was too lazy. Boohoo~ Anyway, here are my back-to-back dibs on SCANDAL’s ‘Baby Action’, released last year and Girls’ Generation’s newest unit TTS’ mini-album, ‘Twinkle’.

I’m such a loser I only downloaded the thing recently. And to think that I really love SCANDAL. What really got me to sniff around the net for a copy were the rumors on the change in Haruna’s voice. And how she lip-synch’s at certain parts in order to preserve it. Watching their Budokan live, Haruna’s voice kind of sounded hoarse and not quite the same as before. It was also evident in Baby Action — especially with the apparent increase in Mami’s parts. If Mami served as 2nd vocals for their previous songs, she played a more prominent role in Baby Action. Their music didn’t change from their usual style, though. I guess Haruna’s voice was more of a priority for me than their style evolving from their usual fare. Although it was still a bit of a worry considering their change in image during their Budokan performance. Say good-bye to their school uniforms — SCANDAL looked like a visual kei band during that live.

They may have changed outwardly but their 12-track album still contained the SCANDAL that fans have always loved. It even Nanka Buttobase which was one of their more famous songs during their indie days. With a nice mix of addictive tracks like ‘Haruka’ and some rock ballads like ‘one piece’, it’s hard to stop listening. The songs seem a bit longer than usual or maybe that’s just me. ‘Tokyo Skyscraper’ was especially strange for me since I didn’t really like it all that much at first but I started liking it the more I listened to it. Some of the other tracks like ‘LOVE SURVIVE’ and ‘Pride’ just had SCANDAL stamped all over ’em. All in all, it was a very good listen. Had it spinning for quite some time and still loving it. I just hope Haruna’d get better soon.


Moving on. One of the most talked about developments with regards to the GG career path is the formation of the sub-unit, TTS or TaeTiSeo. As always, SM sucked with the name. It should’ve TaeNyHyun, for chrissake. Anyhow, I was INITIALLY doubtful about forming a sub-unit, not because I don’t think they’d do well, but because GG that is not 9 does not sit well with me. But still, I waited for the Twinkle MV release, died when SM trolled, and spazzed like there was no tomorrow when it was finally shown. Armed with a brand-new concept and an even newer sound, Girls’ Generation – TTS is now making more waves with their mini-album, Twinkle.

The only guarantee I can give is that upon listening to the whole thing, my opinion of the sub-unit completely changed. The songs were just so good they should’ve made it full-length. Darn you, Kim Family. You were so good I can only spazz. Their title track, Twinkle, is a nice jazzy, bouncy track. Personally, the album doesn’t feel like your usual GG fare. It’s not something I find bad, though. It’s good that they’re branching out and trying other types of music. I found ‘Library’ and ‘Goodbye…Hello’ really catchy and just plain wonderful. There’s also ‘Love Sick’, a beautiful ballad, and ‘Checkmate’ which I find powerful. And of course ‘Twinkle’ and ‘OMG’ with their playful, roller-coaster tunes.

I absolutely, absolutely love their 7-track mini-album. I absolutely, absolutely love TTS. And I absolutely, absolutely love Girls’ Generation. The end. Jigumeun, So Nyeo Shi Dae!


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