take your pick with fortune arterial.

Since Arterial’s apparently based from a dating game, and since the show doesn’t really have that much of a plot, let’s do this game style.Babam! Welcome to Shuchikan Academy, where you’ll be starting a new stage of your young life! Hasekura Kohei, you lucky guy, you’re welcomed by:

SENDO ERIKA. School vice-president. Outgoing and very sociable. Drop-dead blonde, blue-eyed beauty. Quite booby but still at the top of the class. A very welcoming sight at your first day of school.

You proceed to your dormitory and immediately bump into:

KANADE YUKI & HARUNA. Sisters. I forgot if they’re twins but the onee-chan would be Kanade, the smaller one. Ain’t that cute? Anyhow, Kanade’s the more loud outgoing type which fits her role as the dorm manager while Hina’s the shy and reserved type. They’re opposite poles of each other but you can feel the love. A bit of warning, if you want to get Hina, you first have to get past Kanade as Hina is, as she states, her wife.

After discovering the secret of the Sendo siblings — oh yes, wait. Erika has a brother who happens to be the President. So yep. You discover their secret and, BABAM! You become a member of the student council where you meet:

TOGI SHIRO. Your junior. Cute and cuddly. Just like her rabbit, Yukimaru. If she’s too moe for your tastes, look elsewhere. She’s good at serving tea, though.

Kaichou assigns you to plan the athletic meet. You go around your business and get to spend lotsa fun time with everyone. At the day itself, for the three-legged race, you get partnered to:

KUZE KIRIHA. Also known as Freeze-dry mainly because of her cold attitude. A bit anti-social but is close to cats. Personally my favorite.

The end. Well, of course the anime doesn’t end here. Add in some drama with Erika’s mother and that’s basically it. And it wasn’t even heavy drama or anything. It…doesn’t really offer much except for…a bunch of characters. I’d hand it to them I like how they’re drawn. Except for times when they become unproportioned. Like when their height suddenly changes or their heads become unexplicably hydrocephalized. It’s not something I’d absolutely recommend. I guess you’re better of playing the game or something.


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