short stat report.

Hey, guys. It’s me. Yes, I’m still alive. Well, barely, but…yeah. Just dropped a line to let you beautiful people know that I still exist. Although my existence is slowly droppin’ by the minute. My life = hell semester. So there.

As of the moment, I’m waaaay too busy. And SoShi’s the only thing that’s barely keepin’ me alive. Yes, that’s right. I’m officially Soshified. Well, that’s that. Bye-bye~ Keep lounging ’round. 。◕ ‿ ◕。

SoShi fighting!


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A shy and quiet person who loves anime, books and Japanese food.

7 thoughts on “short stat report.”

    1. SoShi’s the only kpop group I’ve ever loved with all me heart. XD
      It’s because of ’em that I became a kpop fan. keke. Just a fan, not an expert so…ShaWol’s are for the SHINee fandom? Correct me if I’m wrong. ^^

  1. Oh man.. I remember when I went through the “SoShi” phase. I was so addicted to listening to them that I had songs playing in repeat 24/7 on my computer.

      1. I enjoy listening to kPop, I just don’t follow it very closely. T-ara seems to be all the “flare” right now with their Lovey Dovey

  2. Oh, I see. I’m quite a newbie when it comes to K-Pop, though. Ehehe~
    Yes, T-ara really did some nice come-from-behind work with Lovey Dovey. ^^” The song IS quite catchy after all.

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