gallons of blood with blood-c

I don’t know about its predecessor Blood + — because I haven’t watched it, which is a darn, cryin’ shame — but apparently, Blood-C is a show where all humans are nothing but demon/vampire/whatever-the-hell-they-were fodder. Or is it? Let’s slice through this show and see if it’s really worth the lame reception.

Blood-C stars ‘new’ protagonist (since she’s still named Saya) Kisaragi Saya — a clumsy shrine maiden who can’t even go five steps without falling on her face. But come nighttime and she takes on her duties as the vanquisher of demons/vampires (really, I don’t know what they’re supposed to be) called Elder Bairns. Everything would’ve been well and good if not for Saya’s mysterious past which began to haunt her as the series progressed.

The protagonist's this wee cheery girl, Kisaragi Saya.
Come nighttime and Saya becomes like this.

If there’s one thing I have to say, this series really lived up to its title — it’s as bloody as bloody can be. In fact, some scenes were probably too gory for public consumption that they had to be censored. This allows the viewer to assess himself. How? Well, I guess the gore you imagine is equivalent to how murderous or homicidal you can get. XD

Anyway, I think the main problem with Blood-C is the fact that the plot was anchored solely on Saya’s re-discovering of her true identity which made the whole thing quite dragging and monotonous, so to speak. An episode’s formula would be like this:

  • Morning: Saya wakes up and sings that cute song. (No sarcasm there. The song really is cute.) She eats at Guimauve and exclaims how the coffee makes her calm and how the guimauve makes her feel floaty.
  • Night: Saya takes the sword, runs around town looking for the accursed Elder Bairn, slays it and goes home all bloodied. She greets her father and smiles as if she didn’t go off beheading monsters or watching people die and just went to the park for a walk.

During the later parts, add ‘snippets of information about her past’ in Night and you pretty much have an idea of how everything went.

The way she's smiling what with all that blood kind of makes it creepy.

Halfway through the show and everyone’s already dead. By the end, the village is crushed to smithereens and every single villager becomes Elder Bairn food. There is, however, a secret to this which also brings me to what I think was one of the good points of the show and what redeemed it for me.

The unveiling of ‘The Farce’ (for lack of a better term and which I will not explain lest people hunt me down for spoiling) that happens in the last episode proved to be the climax as well as the one and only (not to mention final) turning point of the whole thing. It was too much of an emotional shock for Saya that at last, you’d actually feel for her — well, at least I did. Everything that she thought was real and precious was taken away from her. And upon regaining her memories, she discovers her true nature — that she is in fact, not human.

'Did you discover where the light leads, Saya?'

Also, in my case, this final revelation (aka The Farce) proved to be the key to understanding why the village is the way it is. True, the first thing to notice is its peacefulness but later on, you’ll begin to question this ‘peacefulness’ as something unnatural. And the fact that they keep on asserting it as ‘peaceful’ means it’s not peaceful.

As for the art, I like how it’s drawn. It practically has CLAMP stamped all over it. I personally think Kisaragi Saya’s such a badass character whenever the real her takes over. The background music’s not all that bad and I though the opening animation was cool.

All in all, I think Blood-C could’ve done way better than this. However, the fact that I stuck through until the end means there had to be something there, doesn’t it? Some sort of light that I just had to follow through. It’s not really I show that I’d go around squealing ‘OH MY GOD! WATCH THIS!’ but I think it’s worth the try.

If this is not awesome badass hotness, I don't know what is.

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