the demon and the blade: ao no exorcist

Finally! After a gazillion years of schoolwork and slow Internet (it’s mostly the Internet), I’ve finally finished Ao no Exorcist — not to mention I finally got to post something. Hiatus couldn’t be helped. So, let’s not prolong things any further. Here’s the dibs on the very much hyped Ao no Exorcist.

This show was on my watch list for quite some time now and apparently, a recommendation was all I needed to finally watch the show. And so I did. Ao no Exorcist features Okumura Rin — a 15-year old drop out who always gets into trouble usually for defending his ideals and helping others. One unfortunate (or fortunate, depends on how you look at it) day, though, he discovers that he’s actually Satan’s son and at the same time, loses his foster-Exorcist-father in the process. From that point on, he vows to become the strongest Exorcist and defeat Satan to avenge his father’s death.

If that sort of sounds like a Naruto plot to you, I guess you’d have to think again. On one hand, it sort of is, but on the other hand, it’s not. Ao no Exorcist knows how not to bombard viewers with fillers. It did not try to blow the whole thing out of proportion and simply let the series flow out on its own. Which, I think, made the series more or less predictable. By the time the show reached the end, I had an inkling on what was going to happen — which I will not reveal, of course.

Don’t get me wrong, though. With wonderful visuals and an engaging plot, Ao no Exorcist leaves more to be desired. Once it’s over, you actually wish it was longer. Partly because it has this inexplicable, engaging charm and partly because there are things to be clarified (as almost all anime do).

I feel bad for the other characters because there didn’t seem to be any room for them to actually develop. The story focused more on the Okumura brothers’ development. Suguro was a bit more lucky than the others — he proved to be quite the brave, reliable (though a bit brash sometimes) Exorcist in the end.

Ao no Exorcist wasn’t that bad at all, though. True, the bar may have dipped at some episodes but as a whole, it’s actually one hell of a show — it’s just that I thought the ending was a bit anti-climactic and it could’ve been a bit more juicier, which failed to sustain the goosebumps I had while watching the show at the start. Admittedly, though, it was an interesting concept and everything’s just so beautifully-drawn it’d grow on you. Plus, Ni-san’s just so cute.


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