extra! extra! ura-on!

Oh yes. I managed to stumble upon this one while loitering around YouTube so I guess I’ll do a quickie on this one. (Hmm. In one sense, that sounded sort of wrong. LOL.)

I’m talking about the extra episodes bundled with them K-On! BDs — Ura-On! As I said, I stumbled upon them in YouTube — I do not have the Blu-Rays. What caught my attention was the super-deformed thumbnail. And when I say ‘super-deformed’, I do mean super-deformed. Like this:


Ura-On! are two minute shorts with varying themes for each episode. With 7 episodes (I think) for season one and 9 for season two, it was a nice short-lived laugh trip. I have to admit, though, that some of the episodes weren’t that funny but I did laugh at most of them (mainly because it doesn’t take much to make me laugh). The super-deformed drawing may annoy you but I think it has an added effect to the comedy.

Young Yui and Ui. Yui doesn't seem to change much, though. >.>
Banzai Ritsu's punishment rice balls! XD

Well, yeah. That’s it. Just some more K-On! love and cuteness. Some jokes were a bit stale but the others are just real killers. A nice addition to complete you K-On! addiction. ^^7

Okay, back to reading them readings. OTL


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