vacation anime #8: Seto no Hanayome

Ever wondered how it would be to have a mermaid for a bride? Then step into [surname] Mochishio Nagasumi-kun’s shoes to find out.

Seto’s first episode opens with the protagonist drowning. Oh, don’t worry – he’s not going to die. Nagasumi-kun will be saved by Seto San, a mermaid. Everything would’ve been well and good if not for the mermaid law which states that all who sees a mermaid’s true form are better off dead. Of course, Nagasumi-kun doesn’t want to die, does he? So a compromise is set forth: marry Seto San so he’d become a member of the family. That way, the secret is safe. With this, Nagasumi’s life as a mermaid’s husband begins.

If that plot sounds mighty interesting for you, then prepare to be dumped. The only thing this show’s got to offer is lot of funny bone ticklin’. In other words, it’s a show for de-stressing, not for some serious drama love story or anything. If you want some laughs (or something to laugh at), watch this. Heck, the slapstick even gets stale sometimes – what with all the yelling and stuff, your eardrums will eventually implode. Credits, though – some of the chibi are really cute they’re lovably hilarious.

One thing I loved about this show, however, is episode 14 – a whole episode dedicated to a cat. As I am a cat-person, this is quite a pleasant treat. That and the fact that I think it’s really funny. Imagine the chagrin of all the mer-people when Nagasumi picks up a cat. Their fear can be summed up with the following equation: Mer-people = seafood = cat food. Therefore, utter zetuboushita neko fear.

And on that note, I take my leave to rummage through my anime stockpile for another show. Seto no Hanayome is good to pass the time – like while waiting for the new episode of Fate/Zero or Mawaru Penguindrum, for instance. Or if you have a thing for mermaids. Seto no Hanayome is something you should watch in a one-episode-per-day basis; not the whole-season-in-a-day basis like I did. If you do, you’d probably die of stale slapstick.

Ne, koneko-chan?

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