fate/zero, so far…

No worries, Irisviel. Saber will protect you.

Picked up Fate/Zero a few days ago and, well…oh my, oh my. This is definitely how Fate/stay night should have been.

I’d have to give a hand to ufotable for such wonderful work. Really, it’d be disrespectful not to do so. Obviously, Fate/Zero looks 200 times better and more fluid than Fate/stay night ever did. Not to badmouth Fate/stay night, though — Zero wouldn’t have been born if not for all the hype that stay night brought forth. Thus, ufotable’s approach on the show definitely gave it justice and would prove to be quite a treat for fans of the anime, manga or the visual novel.

First thing to notice would be the great improvement in character design. Lancer looks mighty hot here. Plus, did Fate/stay night ever told us that Lancer actually had a mole?

High time for a duel to finally occur. *cough*Episode 5*cough* If the Lancer vs. Saber duel’s not enough for you, then just for a few more minutes and the whole gang will show up — including Berserker.

I like this Berserker — reminds me of that large silver armor in Shakugan no Shana (except that he’s not silver and he’s way cooler). Also, don’t you think he’s better than Heracles who just swings some jagged chunk of whatever-that-was? At least this one has some form of intelligence.

As of now, Fate/Zero’s lookin’ mighty fine. With an interesting bunch of Servants and Masters (like effeminate Velvet or that homicidal maniac whatsisname-Caster’s master-dude), each episode just keeps on getting better. I just hope that they’d be able to sustain this until the end.


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14 thoughts on “fate/zero, so far…”

  1. Okay this has absolutely nothing to do with anime at all, but a few months ago my friend introduced me to K-POP, especially 2NE1 and Big Bang. Have you heard of them?

    1. LOL. That’s perfectly okay, X1. ^_^ Yep, I’ve heard of ’em. My friend’s an absolute K-Pop nut (and a fan of both the groups you mentioned) so I know what you’re talking about. Hahaha. Why do you ask? 😀

      1. Because, I’ve just discovered K-POP and it’s so darn good! The other day I came across SNSD and 4Minute – amazing!

  2. Fate/Zero has been rather stupendous so far. The animation and music is great, but I’ve especially loved the characters in this.
    What may stand out most is the fact there are a lot of intelligent people in this show, which may seem an odd thing to point out. But this Holy Grail War is being treated quite seriously, and I find it refreshing to see an action show that doesn’t have to stick in meaningless wacky antics.
    That’s not to say there’s no humor, though. The dynamic between Rider and Velvet is quite hilarious, and likely will be one of the funnest duos in anime.

    1. That’s true. Although I liked Fate/stay night’s Rider (pity she died so prematurely), I have to admit that Fate/Zero’s Rider is a character that is not hard to like. He’s very funny, and, yeah, he practically drags Waver Velvet along like he’s not his master. XD

      That’s one of the other things I’ve noticed, actually. Unlike in Fate/stay night, the contenders for the Fourth Grail War are…uhm, adults. I mean, they’re not high schoolers so it takes the situation to a whole new level of maturity, complexity and mind games, which makes everything a whole lot more interesting.

      That and the fact that the ufotable/TYPE-MOON partnership just nailed this whole thing off. XD

  3. I was a bit hesitant at first (even though I have decided to watch it), before the season started because I remember clearly how I didn’t quite enjoy the first few episodes of Fate/Stay Night. But what do you know, Fate/Zero has been awesome so far. The characters, the actions – they are all very well done. It’s a lot easier to understand compared to Fate/Stay Night.

  4. I knew Fate/Zero was going to be good ever since ufotable took the project in their hands. So it has not disappointed me whatsoever.

    kouhai (since you call me sempai lol), it’s a good thing you decided to watch this! I know you’re a music buff, so I was wondering if you listened to Memoria, the ED in Fate/Zero. I personally think it’s an amazing song. Probably my top-favourite right now. I watch the ED each episode heh.

      1. LOL. Yeah, I’m glad I decided to pick this up, too — since FSN didn’t exactly sit that well with me. ^^; And ufotable’s just tops on this one. Everything’s just perfect. \m/
        Hahaha. I wouldn’t really call myself a music buff but I’m glad ya think so, senpai. XD Yes, I’ve listened to it, but not the whole song, though. But I do think it’s a fitting powerful song for a powerful show. And yeah, Lancer’s code of chivalry is just… *salute* XD

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