winter 2011-12


They just keep ’em comin’, don’t they? Initial version of the Winter line-up’s already out. Right-click-view-image to check out the beans on this coming season. ^_^

Credits to animucharts. ^^7



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6 thoughts on “winter 2011-12”

  1. Think I’ll look at Kyousogiga… It has yokai (reminds me of Natsume Yuujinchou), and it has a “Black Rabbit” (reminds me of Pandora Hearts). It sounds really strange though…
    Recorder to Randoseru sounds like it could be really funny. (I hope it’s not an incest or fanservice show.)
    And of course, I will be watching more Natsume Yuujinchou. CAN’T WAIT!!
    There are a few other possibilities… Kill Me Baby sounds really silly, but could be good. And Another might be a good one for something serious.

    1. Actually, Kyousogiga piqued my attention as well. First, the art in that small thumbnail got me intrigued. Then the story sounds engaging enough. It seems like a curious and promising show.
      Hmm. I wonder if that would be slice-of-life-ish or something. XD
      Sadly, I haven’t seen an episode of Natsume — although it’s made me curious for quite sometime now.
      I’m looking forward to Nisemonogatari, actually, after watching Bakemonogatari. And Another looks like an interesting show as well.

      1. YEA! been keeping my eye on BRS – who hasn’t! Another seems pretty dark…or I hope he he. And whenever I hear slapstick comedy it reminds me of Ika Musume so i’m definitely watching Papa no iu šŸ˜€ And maybe Inu x Boku SS…because it looks like a romance but not sure.

  2. Another also has me curious. As well as Kyousogiga. Hmm. Maybe I’m just up for the dark supernatural ones. LOL. Anyhow, it looks like it’ll be another hell of a season. šŸ˜€

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