vacation anime #4: Hellsing

Vampires, ghouls and lots of blood – Hellsing’s the show for those who seek some gory refuge. Definitely a classic in its own right, let’s take a trip down memory lane with Alucard as our sinister guide.

Alucard is a vampire – a full-blooded immortal bloodsucker who is the ‘pet’ of the Hellsing Agency, responsible for the purgation of FREAKS or man-made lowly vampires. Going about in his mission, circumstances required him to kill and, er, vampire-ize Celas Victoria, a policewoman who was held hostage by his target. Transformed into a vampire, Celas tries to hold on to her humanity as she, alongside the Hellsing Agency, take down the FREAKS and ghouls within the city.

First and foremost, kudos to Alucard’s awesomely bad-ass character – this is how vampires should be, not some like sparkly character I know. *cough*Cullen*cough* Evil and loyal, Alucard reminds me of Sebastian, in a way. And he’s just so creepy, it’s awesome. Anyways, Hellsing, despite its length, is a wonderful show. And it’s also precisely because of that that I think it also possessed a lot of potential which went down the drain. For starters, Celas Victoria’s latent vampire powers were something to look out for but were never shown. As for Alucard, no questions there – he’s Dracula who’s most probably bored with his long life and worthless opponents which is why he takes such interesting decisions. I think the show’s main drawback was the fact that it wasn’t taken to its fullest limit.

Apart from that, the show itself was engaging enough. Although it lacks a real solid, sort-of-twisted plot, there were the amazing fight scenes to make up for it. The drawing was unique and fitting for the dark atmosphere – kind of reminded me of Golgo 13, actually – except during the times where the characters seem to be, er, shorter than usual. I also loved the kick-ass rock tunes they used for the background and ED plus the blues-y tune for the OP. I think nothing makes a show about vampire hunting more bad-ass than some riff-shredding rock tunes.

And so, for my first vampire hunting genre anime, I think Hellsing was one hell of a good start. In comparison to the zombie apocalypse shows of today, Hellsing definitely had more meat in it – more substance. For fans of the vampire genre, or those who simply want some nice dose of red, Hellsing is definitely something to watch.


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