vacation anime #2: Fractale

After having some overdose of Nagi fun, I decided to go with something more on the serious side with some sci-fi. And our science fiction pick of the day: Fractale.

Set some n-number of years into the future (I’m not exactly sure how much), the Fractale system has been developed to ensure the good, harmonious life amongst humans. The system enables one to create his own ‘doppel’, some sort of virtual form of yourself, thus throwing out the need to stay at one place all the time. Our protagonist, Clain, however, is a lover of antiques and disapproves (albeit subtly) of the Fractale system. His life changes, though, when he rescues Phryne – a mysterious girl who turns out to be a priestess. She leaves him with a data brooch which Clain, ever the curious boy, analyzes and unlocks. Out came Nessa, a cheerful, mischievous little girl who decides to live with Clain and who also happens to be doppel he can touch.

With a unique concept and wonderful execution, one cannot possibly go wrong with Fractale. Despite the fact that it was shown just last year (I think), for some reason, it came to me with the feel of an old anime – Ghibli-like, even. Beautiful scenery plus wonderful character designs equal to plenty of things to ogle at. Couple that with an engaging storyline and you’ve got one hell of a good show. No dead airs and the episodes are excellent on their own.

I think what made Fractale particularly engaging is the fact that it had the right mix of everything. Comedy and action in just the right amounts sans any exaggeration but not understated either. Young love that is not cheesy it makes your skin crawl. Friendship that’s sweet and warm between the protagonists. They also set the stage nicely for the characters to develop. Although I did have some questions in terms of plot – like why is ‘God’ Phryne’s old memories – I can sort of make them slide. I don’t know if it’s just me but I get really bothered when a show leaves questions unanswered. Besides, I cannot deny the fact that the story and concept is engaging as it is since it raises ethical questions on human freedom and the like.

Albeit quite short with just 11 episodes (I know, not even 12, ne?), Fractale proved to be an amazing sky ride. The ending was top-notch and very exciting. Overall animation was just fluid and the designs are, for me, fantastic. The juxtaposition of the past and the present is a nice touch – it’s as if it’s begging the question of whether you like how humans were before or do you prefer being reliant on the Fractale system. The sadness of being alone, the importance of your actual existence and the strength of human faculty are just some of the touches that made this show human. Definitely, Fractale is one of the better sci-fi anime out there.


Enri Granitz. Yes, I know, she plays a supporting role but I think she’s one of the characters who made the most progress in terms of character development. Starting out as a…second-rate ‘boss’ (with her brothers as her goons) and a failure of a kidnapper, Enri turned out to be a good, responsible kid who values her family above anything else. Enri is a member of the Lost Millennium, an organization that opposes the Fractale system. She usually obeys her brother – who’s the LM cap’n – but when worst comes to worst, she is able to make her own decisions and see to them until the end. strong-willed and kind-hearted, she even succeeds her brother as the captain of Lost Millennium.


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2 thoughts on “vacation anime #2: Fractale”

  1. Saw the first ep or so of this, and sadly it just didn’t click with me. I think my main disappointment may have been in the character designs, which were much more bland than the pre-production images. The very random nudity didn’t help much either. >_>
    Glad you enjoyed the show, though! It certainly had an intriguing premise, at least.

    1. I see the problem upon reading your comment on my #3 post. As I stated here, the character designs gave me a Ghibli feel and the fact that you generally do not favor Ghibli films doesn’t seem to help Fractale’s case with you. LOL.
      Hmm. Well, Phryne did grow up in an environment where she’s surrounded mostly by females so I can’t really blame her if she thinks that randomly stripping is okay. Teehee~
      Ehehe~ That’s true. Each to their own preferences. ^^

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