the road to three seasons of zero no tsukaima

Zero no TsukaimaZero no Tsukaima was fine at first but as it trotted along, it sort of became more difficult to watch. I don’t know if it has something to do with me watching all three seasons of it continuously but it’s kind of tiring to watch Louise calling Saito ‘baka inu, ero inu’ over and over again, you know. I just wanted to clonk both of them on the head for not being honest with themselves for three freakin’ seasons.

Prepare for a lot of these kinds of stuff. Louise no evilness! Mwarharhar!

First things first, ‘Zero no Tsukaima’ or literally Zero’s Familiar is about Louise de la Valliere – a noble who can’t use magic, thus the nickname ‘Zero Louise’ – and Hiraga Saito, your average Japanese who, through some freak cosmological conspiracy (or simply bad luck, I guess), gets summoned by Louise as her Familiar. Set in a world where there are two moons and where only nobles are the only ones capable of being mages, Louise’ inability to use magic (or even find her element compatibility, for that matter) easily made her stick out like a sore thumb – plus the fact that she summoned a commoner who fell from the sky as her Familiar is enough to get everything more complicated. Later on, it is discovered that Louise is a Void user – the legendary fifth element that was thought of to be extinct – and that Saito is the renowned Gandalfr, the sort of ‘default’ but powerful Familiar of a Void user.

The ladies of Zero no Tsukaima

Now that that’s over and done with…hmm, well, it wasn’t that bad. But I think it wasn’t that great either. It wasn’t a monumental waste of my time but it was nothing Puella-like or anything. Considering that the series is quite…aged, I guess I should’ve expected that much. Plus, with Kugimiya RIe doing Louise, expect a lot of Shana- and Taiga-ish moments. Tsun, tsun, dere, dere. Er, the fight scenes are not that much and I thought some of them were just plain lame. Plus, Guiche pisses me off – always going ‘Montmorency! Montmorency!’. Shut the hell up, you wuss. I think Colbert-sensei’s awesome, though, even if I got confused thinking that he was dead and here he is appearing in the third season.

I have to admit, though, that the series had me laughing a hell lot. Poor Louise, being surrounded by girls with such large boobies. Apart from the comedic factor, it’s just your regular harem with some magical twists. It could’ve done better but even until the end of the last season, there wasn’t that ‘oomph’ moment. But entertainment-wise, it was okay.

Probably the reason why I watched this series ‘til the end…


TabithaTabitha. (I apologize. I couldn’t help but go with the Yuki Nagato-like character. Hontou ni, gomen. *bow, bow*) Quiet and emotionless (until season three came along, that is), Tabitha is a wind elemental mage with a rhyme dragon for a Familiar. Note: Rhyme dragons are ones that are highly-intelligent and are capable of communication as well as taking human form. If that’s not good enough for you, she’s also a Knight and part of the Royal family. Tabitha doesn’t get much screen time until the third season where she finally opens up to everyone. Since she’s quiet and unassuming, it would only seem natural that she would expect that nobody would come for her (no spoilers so it’s vague), but in reality, she wished to be saved by them with all her heart. Well, well, lo and behold, she must’ve been the happiest person alive when she sees the whole gang coming for her to save her. But since everything ended with that, we can’t see any more development, can we? Still, it’s quite comforting that she started opening up to everyone. Hopefully, she doesn’t cause any time quakes in the future. …oops, wrong show.

Yuki x Tabitha. Told ya they looked alike. XD

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4 thoughts on “the road to three seasons of zero no tsukaima”

  1. My experience with Zero no Tsukaima ain’t so good really. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the first two seasons, but after hearing that season 3 was a total ecchi-fest, I didn’t even try anymore.

    Maybe I’ll pick it up again, since I hear ZnT 4 is coming and it’s gonna be the last season ^_^

    1. It was okay at first for me, but it eventually got tiring. OTL Although I just had to finish it since I already started it so I labored through. (It’s like me absolutely having to finish a novel because I started it. XD)

      Yeah. I don’t know if I’ll be watching it, though. Haha.

  2. I am still trying to ask myself how did it get three seasons, but I did like it – before I discovered all the series I am acquainted with today. Also being shallow “It had Rie Kugimiya” which was one of my favorites back then and is now to an extent 😀

    1. Haha. Maybe my reaction to the show was like that precisely because I watched it after so many other great (not to mention, new) shows that it sort of falls under par already. LOL. I completely understand that rationale. I sometimes use that with Hanazawa Kana-sama. XD

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