thoughts long overdue

So, Usagi Drop has ended without me even realizing it. I really thought it was going to run for 12 so I was really surprised when Hoshiko-senpai told me it’s over. Please excuse me while I roll into a ball on the floor.

*ahem* Bundled with a lot of love and thoughtfulness throughout the whole series, the last episode of Usagi Drop ended on such a light and cheerful note that one can’t help but go ‘Aaaaw.’

As most of you probably know, Usagi Drop is about 30-year old bachelor Daikichi who takes in Rin – his grandfather’s illegitimate daughter – into his custody when nobody bothered to during his grandfather’s funeral. That pretty much sums up the whole series. Boring? Oh no, not at all.

Rin as Daikichi found her during the funeral.

What makes this series particularly special is its realism. The situations that the characters are in are situations that actually happen in real life. I mean, it is a slice of life series, after all, and the way it delivers is just perfect. Here’s Daikichi, with no idea on how to raise a kid, taking in his grandfather’s daughter (which makes Rin his aunt) with him for sheer concern of the child. His decision was kind of reckless if you look at it, but in the end, they were both happy. Daikichi starts to learn how it is to be a parent, even fussing over such small things, and Rin learns how to connect with other people – making friends with Kouki and others at school and filling in the void that was lost when Grandfather died. They may not be father and child but the connection and love that forms between them is enough to match that.

Animation-wise, I think Usagi Drop’s not something one would watch without recommendation considering the fact that its drawing’s definitely simpler and more basic than its contemporaries. It’s more of an acquired taste, actually. Although I think it suits the show quite well. The drawings may be simple but the colors are, I think, playful. The transition between the usual drawings and those opening scenes that are more watercolor-driven makes me think that Rin drew it herself. (Teehee~ :3)

This takes us to the thing that, I think, made this series for me: its heart. Yes, it sounds cheesy, I know, but that’s just how it is. Its simplicity, modesty and the blatant, touching familial affection between Daikichi and Rin is just too innocent and sweet for one to hate. Every time I watch an episode, I feel all light and bubbly and touched. And that’s enough for me.


None. I love them all. ^_^ Plus, the fact that everyone was out in the open during the show.

Don't make that face Daikichi. You know we'll never forget you. ^^

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2 thoughts on “thoughts long overdue”

  1. I really love this show! >.< especially how cute and so adorable of Rin. I feel delighted every
    time I continue watching it. I like how Daikichi takes good care of Rin.
    I wish there's a season two for this anime if there is then I have to look forward for itXD

    1. Haha. Yeah. I love Usagi Drop, too. The relationship between Rin and Daikichi makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. ^_^ I don’t know if I’d want a second season, though. ‘Cause if it follows the manga (which I have no intention to read. XD)…I keep on hearing, er, not so good reactions about it. XD So I think I’d just want it left at that. 😀 There’s an upcoming OVA, though.

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