princess lover!

Somehow, through some miracle, I successfully managed to squeeze in this show while being currently under hiatus. Like, literally. With four (or was it supposed to be five? I lost count) final papers to do, I can’t believe I managed to finish an anime. Well, I eventually run out of ideas so I take breaks. But enough of that – the show I’m talking about is Princess Lover! which is, surprisingly, a harem I could take.

Protagonist/lucky bastard, Arima Teppei.

Arima Teppei used to be your regular adolescent guy who lives in a regular house-cum-shop and goes to a regular high school. In short, he’s a fairly regular guy, in all possible aspects. One day, however, his parents are killed and it is discovered that his mother is actually the daughter of business mogul. As simple as that, his life takes a complete 360. From your absolutely regular guy, Teppei becomes the heir of the Arima Group and is transferred to high school one can easily mistake for town in itself. There, he mingles with royal bloods and members of high society and learns how to fit in and eventually make friends while they, in turn, learn from his commoner sensibilities.

The girls of Princess Lover!

As is said in the opening paragraph, I was surprised that Princess Lover! turned out to be a harem that I could watch. I researched on the show (thank you, Anime News Netword) and it was categorized under ‘harem, ecchi, fan service’, so I wasn’t expecting much about it except for…harem, ecchi and fan service. Although I didn’t get the ecchi and fan service parts (except for the occasional bouncy boob scenes) since I got the ‘purged’ version, I did get the harem part. What I like about this is that Teppei is not your stereotypical oblivious harem dude. Yes, Ichika, I’m talking to you. He recognizes his (as well as the girls’) feelings and responds to them. I don’t know, for some reason, this little difference between Ichika and Teppei sort of gives, for me, a different angle about their want to protect these people. Teppei seems more…justified. I don’t know.

Anyways, story-wise, it was a simple plot but it still has entertainment value. It’s not a drag to watch and I personally liked how it was drawn. I think the ending battle (yes! There’s a battle scene) was quite anti-climactic, though. I was expecting a more exciting gunmanship versus swordsmanship, Imma-save-this-girl-and-you-can’t-do-anything-to-stop-me kind of fight. But, meh, they just had to put in some form of deus ex machina in there. Expect a lot of pantsu shots, shower scenes, bouncy boob scenes, and a hot spring episode – your typical ecchi-fan service stuff. Well, they are just that: fan service. Because Princess Lover!, despite its being harem and ecchi and fan service, still has some gems hidden beneath the surface.


Sylvia van Hossen. I have this weird feeling that my character biases are becoming more and more predictable. O_O Anyways, moving on. Sylvia is Teppei’s *gasp!* fiancée and is a skilled swordsman. This is what got Sylvia and Teppei together in the first place – which is I think, a real bad sign. For some reason, at that moment, I knew there was no chance they would end up together, apart from the fact that she wasn’t the lead girl anyways (and the fact that I don’t really agree with them being together, for that matter). Anyways, her level-headedness and strong resolve were definitely a great help to everyone. Plus, her genuine care for her friends is just something you’d go ‘D’aaaw’ about.


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