kuroshitsuji chapter 61

This is one of the reasons why I’m reluctant about reading manga that’s still ongoing: the wait. Never knew that Kuroshitsuji updated on a monthly basis so I got all excited when chapter 61 came out. And now, I have to wait for another agonizing month for the next chapter. Oh yeah, mild spoilers ahead.

Continuing from the fight it left off from chapter 60, Undertaker’s still here being all great and invincible against Robert Knox, Grell Sutcliffe and everyone’s favorite demon butler, Sebastian Michaelis.

Our two death reapers are having the time of their lives fighting off this guy. Tsk, tsk. Grell, your make-up’s all ruined. This chapter gives us a few secrets about death reapers. Like how they’re all near-sighted (which is why they wear glasses) and that death-scythes can’t cut one another. Plus, get a load of Undertaker’s death-scythe.

Now, THAT'S a death-scythe.

Undertaker’s being all ruthless here, even resorting to using Ciel as bait in order to do this:

Is this the end for Sebastian? We all have to wait for another month to find out.


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