the goodness of puella magi’s ost

I don’t know if it’s just me but I always have this uncontrollable urge to download the OSTs of the shows that I really, absolutely like. I don’t know. It’s like listening to them takes me back to the show’s episode where that particular track was played. For example, whenever I listen to Lost My Pieces, I get transported back to that scene where Taiga slumps in front of her condo building and bawls her eyes out. You know, like that. So a few nights ago, after updating, I spent the remainder of my time converting the Puella Magi Madoka Magica soundtrack.

I originally planned to download Mami’s theme but I ended up downloading everything. Two words: absolutely wonderful – kudos to Yuki Kajiura for a job well done. If there’s one thing I love about Puella, it’s the background music. Everything is just so fitting, not a single note goes to waste. If the scene is emotionally heavy – like fighting Walpurgisnacht, for example – then they’ve got the right track for you (A Duel with a Witch!). If it’s a happy, light scene, there’s one for you too (like In The Afternoon).

I swear, everything’s so perfect, even the OST is cathartic. Listening to it takes you back to the show, then you remember everything, then you’re depressed all over again. Giving Credens Justitiam (Believing in Justice), aka Mami’s theme, a listen will inevitably bring you back to her…demise. But then again, you’ll remember how absolutely awesome she is and how she just gives you the chills whenever she fights. That’s how great the soundtrack is. It’s like re-watching the series all over again.

Bottom line: I love it.

And as a special treat, here’s Credens Justitiam, or Mami’s Theme in layman’s terms. Hats off for Mami. Enjoy.


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