unlimited blade works

‘I am the bone of my sword…’

Watched Otaku Expo Loot no. 3: Unlimited Blade Works over the weekend with my sister and was totally blown away – at least more blown away by this than the series itself. Although I personally like the movie a bit more than the anime, it also had its fair share of ups and downs.

Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works takes the path of Tohsaka Rin from the original visual novel, thus, it follows a completely different path from the anime; different but interesting at the same time. What made this show particularly entertaining for me is the fact that it’s on Tohsaka Rin’s perspective. Although it didn’t reveal the history of the apparent tension between Rin and Sakuya, it showed us the history behind Archer’s identity.

One disappointing point for me: Rider has such a small amount of screen time she’s practically negligible! Sorry, Rider bias professing itself. But seriously, all the other characters were just a blur. Although on one hand, it seemed fine since it seemed to work. Apart from the fact that they were practically being slaughtered off one by one so you’d barely notice them. The movie’s definitely a hell lot more bloody than the anime and packed with more action, which I really loved. The sword fight between Shirou x Archer (yeah! They fought!) and Shirou x Gilgamesh (yeah! Them too!) was definitely not worth missing. Poor Ilyasviel, though. D’aaw.

Archer and his Reality Marble.

All in all, it was a really entertaining, exciting watch. Saber’s coolness never fails to awe me and Shinji’s pathetic-ness never fails to piss me off. Seeing the story through Rin’s perspective was a refresher, not to mention that it provided a totally different point of view and story line for the fans. It’s quite exciting to see everyone at their full potential. The animation was also better than that of the anime, even my sister noticed it. Plus, if you’ve benn curious since forever on who Archer really is, then this is a must-watch. Definitely, it was something that I absolutely enjoyed watching.


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