the + and – of dragon crisis!

Dragon Crisis!

Finished this show in one go the other night (what? It’s only 12 episodes. Don’t stare at me in disbelief like that. I know you could’ve done better) which is why it didn’t even appear in the ‘Now Watching’ section at the side. (LOL) Internet was being all bitchy with me last night so I resigned to picking this show up. Finished it at midnight and, well, it wasn’t all that bad but it didn’t give me that much either.

Dragon Crisis puts us into the shoes of Kisaragi Ryuji, your average (hmm, well, not really. I’ll explain later) high school boy living his normal high school life until one day, his one-hell-of-a-hottie second cousin Eriko picks him up from school in order to have him help in her ‘retrieval operation’. In reality, ‘retrieval operation’ was actually stealing a Lost Precious – artifacts filled with human will, thus imbuing them with either good powers or curses. ‘Retrieval operation’ proved to be quite a success if not for a minor glitch. While trying to…outdrive their pursuers, the Lost Precious suitcase was unlocked, letting out a young girl who was actually a red dragon. The dragon seems to know Ryuji (since all she could say in the first place was ‘Ryuji!’ over and over again) so he had no choice but to ‘adopt’ her. From here on out, the two of them encounter other dragons and a lot of other strange beings.

The girls of Dragon Crisis (L-R): Marga, Misaki, Rose, Ai and Eriko.

A 12-episode offering by Studio DEEN, Dragon Crisis presents its audience with a lot of interesting concepts and ideas but doesn’t quite seem to successfully take everything to their maximum potential. + no. one: the concept of dragons intermingling with humans. During the show, Rose (the red dragon – Ryuji gives her this name later on) lived with Ryuji and Eriko and even went to school and made friends. This would be related to + no. two: the concept of dragons having the power to transform into human form. Rose looks like your average young girl – childish and playful, funny and sweet. One wouldn’t have the slightest idea that she is, in fact, a dragon. For me, these two points are a breather to the usual stereotype of dragons being all destructive and ruthless. Although it is true that the Chinese and other cultures revere the dragon as a sacred creature, they are nevertheless, objects of fear.

The show's main antagonistic character: black dragon Onyx. Kind of stupid for taking 'engage' so literally.

+ no. three and at the same time – no. one: the characters. I liked how they dragged a lot of interesting beings into the show but I was kind of disappointed on how somewhat underdeveloped they were by the end. There were minor changes but that was that. On a completely unrelated note, I especially liked Ai because her eyes are cool and she’s kick-ass. Anyway, as I was saying, there was not much change in them. Eriko was still the careless, boisterous, booby woman, Misaki was still the shy girl who never got to confess, and Marga – oh I liked her the way she is; calm, cool and collected. I’m sorry. I have an affinity with ice women. Good thing for Ai, Ryuji and Rose for they had at least, some development in them. Ryuji, from the annoying wuss that he is, became the hero of justice who protects his loved ones, Ai transformed from the thieving wolf into another Ryuji-like persona, and Rose, well…she became an ‘adult’? Kidding. Rose became more human.

– no. two would be the lopsided animation at certain scenes. I don’t know if it’s just me but I notice that sometimes, their faces seem to become fat on one side. It was just weird. I felt weird watching them with one side of their faces looking like they had mumps or something. Although apart from that, I think the rest was okay; nothing spectacular but it wasn’t that half-baked either.

Kisaragi Ryuji and his engaged Slash Breath. (Engaging with a dragon lets you use the dragon's power. ^_^v)
Society scientist and all-around tech/ammo nut, Bianca. She kinda reminds me of Princess Euphemia.

Slight confusion would be my – no. three. I mean, come on, episode one and you’re already talking about a Lost Precious and Breakers? What the hell are those? You didn’t even tell us what they mean. Well, the former will be clear enough in the latter part of the show, but the latter is somewhat fuzzy still. From what I’ve watched, I think Breakers are those capable of using Lost Preciouses. They are divided into levels, the strongest being Level 10. Ryuji, for that matter, is a Level 10 Breaker. Originally, there were only seven Level 10 Breakers in the world, but then he appeared. He stopped being a Breaker after going berserk when he was possessed by a Cursed Precious. When Rose arrived, he resumed being a Breaker with his Lost Precious – the Slash Breath which is made from dragon teeth – in order to protect Rose and the others.

Finally, – no. four: the cheesy ending. No, it’s not really a bad ending. I just thought it was cheesy. I won’t tell the details. That’s spoiling. Bottom line, I think it’s cheesy, although it wasn’t really bad. And + no. four, the symbolic death of Onyx. I thought that was real cute and nice, albeit a bit clichéd.

I told you, this show is fluctuating. It’s not really bad but it’s not that spectacular either. A ‘so-so’ show, if I may say. It’s not boring since there’s just the right amount of romantic comedy, plain comedy and action to keep one entertained. Although, it’s okay the way it is, it could’ve turned into something with much more impact than what it possesses now.


Reminds you of Holo, doesn't she? LOL.

Ai. Also known as ‘Odd Eye’ (I guess you can see why), Ai was originally a thief who stole Lost Preciouses. She possesses wolf-like abilities like speed, balance and strength. A formidable fighter, she became a strong ally later on in the series.

What makes her special is the fact that she was experimented upon. She doesn’t really have any wolf blood; her powers are the product of a Lost Precious being implanted within her. From this outset, it is hard not to sympathize with her when she discovered that she was simply being used. Apart from that, she thought for the longest time that she had no family when in reality, she is the daughter of a famous Lost Precious collector.


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