the craziness that is carnival phantasm

Carnival Phantasm -- where your greatest Type-Moon fantasies run wild.

Ever thought of combining your favorite characters into one show? Then here comes Carnival Phantasm, where your favorite characters from Fate/stay night, Kara no Kyoukai, Tsukihime and other shows partake in one hell of a carnival ride.

This show is just hilarious. I swear, it’s so random I was just laughing my head of the whole time. It’s so funny how you get to see everyone OOC — especially the Fate/stay night characters. *ahem, Saber, ahem*

Here are your Fate/stay night characters for the 5th Holy Grail War. ...Er, yep. It's a gameshow.

That and the opening song is just so fun! The whole crew’s dancing! Even Rider!

A scene from the opening sequence. Isn't Saber adorable? :3
Type-Moon Crew's in the house. LOL at Rider.

At 15 minutes each episode, I think it’s just right. It wouldn’t soil your tastes by drowning you in 30 minutes of hilarity. For those 15 minutes of watching Carnival Phantasm, you get a nice balance of everything. Oh, if you’re looking for some deep, dark and twisted whatever and all that whatnot, then don’t even bother watching this. I told you already. Carnival Phantasm is good, clean fun. It’s the show to watch if you simply want to laugh and see Saber dance.

Archer laughing at Rin's inability to record a show on TV. LOL. And ogle at Shirou's flat screen.

I love this. Can’t wait for the second season. Peace out, guys. u_u7

I LOVE these guys! It's so hilarious everytime they do that 'Afterschool Alleyway Alliance!' pose thingy that they do!

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2 thoughts on “the craziness that is carnival phantasm”

    1. Not really familiar with who Satsuki is (I’m really sorry. I’m such a shame. T_T), but there are quite a number of characters with so little screen time on such a cute OP.

      Thanks for dropping a line. ^_^

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